Business Networking – Lead Generation Groups

Networking group for those who call on middle market C-Level Executives

The Way WE do Business Development

Take the randomness out of your networking activities. Only network with others who will know the decision makers you need to meet to grow your client base. Join a small group of highly motivated professionals who call on the same target clients. Share your best practices and share client referrals. Connect, collaborate and exchange business.

Learn From Your Peers

At each meeting pick up invaluable business development advice from other non-competing vetted professionals who understand and share the same challenges you do.

Proven Lead Generation.

In 2015 we held 32 meetings where, we have averaged 3.60 referrals per person per 90 minute meeting to the specific target customers of each participant.

Features Business Networking Groups
Learn best practices and practical advice from a small group of like minded professionals
Maximum of 10 people per group accelerate the development of in-depth discussions and relationships
Groups are composed around non-competing professionals who call on the same people you do.
Further define your target customers
Perfect your messaging
Presentation / pitch coaching
Define your unique expertise
Learn most effective “go to market” strategies
Follow up methodology coaching
Share experiences – what has and hasn’t worked
Proven methodology for lead generation at every meeting
Vetted non-competing professionals have large networks of contacts they are willing to share
Join the best group for YOU
  • The proliferation of networking groups makes it difficult to choose those that fit your business objectives, culture and standards for professionalism. Jonathan Rosen’s Collaberex model meets all those criteria for me and my business, and the innovation within the model is truly refreshing. I am optimistic that it will remain a foundational piece for building my business.

    Glenn Diehl
    Glenn Diehl President - Skyline Genesis Event Marketing