I've been a member of many different networking groups over the past 20+ years but Collaberex has been the most gratifying and beneficial group I've joined to date. Because the members in my group all sell to similar types of clients, we share similar challenges so the topics are all relevant. The meetings address just the right topics to help propel my business forward, and the other members are all supportive, smart and just plain nice! While I wasn't looking specifically for new business directly, I have brought in new clients as a direct result of my membership in Collaberex, which is a welcome bonus! Collaberex is the perfect mix of advisory board, networking and professional growth training! In addition, Jonathan is one of the best "connectors" of people I've ever known. He has an uncanny knack for knowing just who would be good for you to know. I can honestly say that the benefit of being a Collaberex member has far outshined what I've gotten from all the other groups I've joined combined.
Cindy Penchina
President / Founder Hudson Fusion, Full service marketing agency
Jonathan has created a unique networking experience that not only provides the opportunity to network and make meaningful business connections, but you also get personal development through his group activities and deep discussions. Jonathan truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to help you get connected with the right people. If you’re tired of the traditional networking experience, this is the group for you!
Taryn Abrahams MFT,SHRM-CP
Founder/CEO Empower Behavioral Services
I was introduced to Jonathan about three years ago as a prospective member of Collaberex. He almost immediately removed my skepticism because Collaberex is a 21st century iteration of networking simply because it's more than networking. It's well screened non-competing professionals clustered by target customer which facilitates referrals, enables an exchange of best practices, and encourages peer to peer counseling. All this happens because Jonathan has excellent people skills, because he really works at it, and because he communicates effectively with individuals and with groups. He has a vast and impressive business background; but to me his real gift is including the right people in each group and finding the absolute best members (and occasionally non-members) for each of us to meet.
John Cohn
Managing Director, Diamond Capital Advisors, M & A
Collaberex runs fantastic meetings that really get to the bottom of what it takes to succeed. I’ve gotten some great referrals and great ideas from it.
Jeff Rubin
Senior VP, Hub International Insurance Broker specializing in middle market businesses
Collaberex groups help teach business techniques, values and differentiators. It's a refreshing environment where you really get a lot out of your time.
Adam Warshaw
Principle at DataVelocity, IT Managed Services
Best in class, B2B group that gets results. It's laser focused and results oriented.
Peter J. Scalise
Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practice Leader for the Americas, Prager Metis CPAs - a TOP 50 Global CPA Firm
In my Collaberex group we learn lots of great ideas and techniques that help us service the common target market all members share. This group has created great new referral sources and business opportunities making it a fantastic investment.
Kelby Edwards
Private Wealth Advisor at Sagemark Consulting, specializing in succession planning for privately held businesses.
At Collaberex we all have the common goal of building our businesses. Together we help each other achieve our sales goals. You're getting proven advice from your peers who share what has really worked for them.
Valerie Oben
President, Foxboro Consulting, Inc.
These groups promote individual professional self development and accountability between members. You are meeting with trusted people "in your space" to further develop your strengths alongside your peers. It's an investment in you, as well as your business.
Lisa MacBeth
Financial Planner
I joined the Collaberex group only a few months ago. I have found this to be much different than any other group with which I have been involved. Under Jonathan's leadership, our group intimately knows each other's businesses. We spend time not only learning what each of us does but "why." Very important. Bottom line: I have closed new business by being part of Collaberex!
Dan Casanta
President, Cardinal Business Financing
After the laser coaching session last month, I have 2 new lead sponsors committed for next year. Which is unbelievably fast progress for four weeks. I had been procrastinating for best part of a year on whether to do or not do. Thanks to all my Collaberex group members for their advice which will go right to the bottom line!
Helen Grace
Owner / Publisher of Town Planner, Fairfield County, CT
Jonathan has created a networking business second to none. His groups are dynamic and filled with top quality people. Every time I attend my group session, I leave inspired and grateful to have made wonderful connections with people seeking to broaden their horizons. Jonathan is also a great mentor and friend. You want to be a part of Collaberex. Find one near you!!!
Denise Paige Anderson
Financial Advisor, Global Experience
This is the only group that focuses on business development results and makes it happen by holding me accountable to the group for the promises I have made to myself.
Ambreen Nagani
CPA Hart Vida Raffo Partners
Candid communication, mutual support.
Alyse Holstein
HPG Partners, LLC, CEO, Providing successful B2B companies funding connections locally and globally
My Collaberex experience has been fantastic. I do feel honored by the quality of my group members as well as members of other groups that I have visited.
Francisco Paschoal
Founder of Spinnaker Executive and Business Coaching
These groups help you figure out what you need to do, then hold you accountable for doing it.
Francia Smith
Founder CEYE3, Customer Experience Expert
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