• The proliferation of networking groups makes it difficult to choose those that fit your business objectives, culture and standards for professionalism. Jonathan Rosen’s Collaberex model meets all those criteria for me and my business, and the innovation within the model is truly refreshing. I am optimistic that it will remain a foundational piece for building my business.

    Glenn Diehl
    Glenn Diehl President - Skyline Genesis Event Marketing
  • I meet very interesting and amazing professionals.

    Eliso Papaladze
    Eliso Papaladze President at Lisaanna's Domestic Services
  • An immediate, invaluable benefit was the facilitation of the understanding of the business development needs of all colleagues / service providers in the group.

    Bill Samuels
    Bill Samuels IP Attorney & Owner: W.R. Samuels Law
  • I've attended many networking formats over the years with mixed results. Jonathan's format is simply refreshing as all participants get INSTANT results! I highly recommend Collaberex events to any professional who wants to connect with people on their wish list.

    Sandford (Sandy) Wollman
    Sandford (Sandy) Wollman President and Founder - The Small Business Advisory Alliance
  • Appreciate brainstorming some new business development strategies and insights on how to grow my business.

    Michael Conn
    Michael Conn Business Development Manager at RelPro
  • Some good synergies here. I look forward to developing these relationships.

    Sabina Gill
    Sabina Gill VP - Commercial Banking at Banco Santander
  • Having met you only recently, it is remarkable how compelled I am to endorse you not only for your formation of Collaberex and other advisory entities, but for your ability to synthesize what certainly must be a lifetime cultivating the organizational capabilities and people skills to assist people in achieving success in their business and lifetime pursuits. Your wide network is only matched by your desire to help motivated business people, C-level executives and solo-preneurs alike.

    Lawrence J. Thaul, CLU
    Lawrence J. Thaul, CLU President - Millenium Financial Inc.
  • Information from participants were very on-point and helpful.

    Tamara Donikyan
    Tamara Donikyan Partner at Ellenoff Grossman & Schole
  • Very interesting and helpful group of people.

    Jim Landau
    Jim Landau Partner at Ellenoff Grossman & Schole
  • Great people and solid B2B referrals.

    Deborah Asseraf
    Deborah Asseraf Director of Interactive Visual Arts at Popcorn Productions
  • The group provided a non-competitive environment for targeting business leads and identifying optimal means of getting introductions.

    David Wilkes
    David Wilkes Founding Partner Huff Wilkes, Commercial Property Tax Attorney
  • Finally Jonathan in his wisdom and his efforts toward true value in this networking space has “cracked the code” on highly efficient and effective lead generation. From my years of searching for a solution to my lead generation this is by far the best value in the marketplace. (specifically the NYC/Westchester region). I encourage participants to spend the time and money to get introduced to Jonathan’s energy and his model so he can help you deliver specific and qualified target customers.

    Mark Brownstein
    Mark Brownstein President, Asset Marketplace
  • Interesting & Informative

    Jennifer Lavelli
    Jennifer Lavelli Medicare Consultant, Long Term Care Specialist
  • The group all had the same agenda, and like minds. The contacts in the room were genuine and business will be shared in many different areas. It was a win win.

    Lauren Mauro
    Lauren Mauro General Manager - Carr Workplaces
  • Attending the group was very productive. This is not your average networking meeting. It’s straight forward.

    Edwal Acevedo Business Development - Push Fitness
  • Collaberex provides an innovative way of networking.

    Dan Sebor
    Dan Sebor Account Executive at Computer Information Services
  • The referrals and open dialogue sparked connections and ideas that provided lead generation.

    Edwin Loeng M & T Bank
  • The group was very open and genuinely interested in helping each other. Jonathan was great with ideas and moving the meeting along.

    Abraham Spierer Managing Member at AHS Management Services & Tax
  • Jonathan Rosen’s rolodex is totally incredible. I have received quality referrals from all meetings attended.

    Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Partner at Rampart America - Business Continuation Insurance
  • Impressed with the people and goals. Experts in many areas.

    George Kontogiannis Marino Law - Trusts & Estate Attorney
  • Collaberex is highly effective and efficient networking. You absolutely get connected with at least one or two professionals you want to connect with. Priceless.

    Jonathan Flaks
    Jonathan Flaks President / Leadership Coach - Jonathan Flaks Coaching Associates
  • The level of high level referrals and depth of contacts at Collaberex is top notch. I have gotten multiple contacts from every meeting that I've attended. I'm looking forward to the next meeting!

    Jed Regen
    Jed Regen Vice President Sales - Regen & Company
  • The group suggested new approaches at finding new opportunities.

    Ravi Khatri
    Ravi Khatri Experienced Information and BI Architect
  • A good group of people with lots of practical easy to implement strategies

    Paramjit Mahli
    Paramjit Mahli Legal Shield Associate
  • Thanks for the recommendations on events & organizations where I can reach my target audience.

    Liz Whalen
    Liz Whalen Performance Coaching
  • A good forum to network with other industries who are targeting the same businesses as myself.

    Michael Kenney
    Michael Kenney The File Depot - records management
  • The group flows well both with the elevator introductions but also with subsequent discussions drawing more information about each person and business.

    Adam Warshaw
    Adam Warshaw Principal at DataVelocity - IT Services
  • Jonathan stepped forward providing advice on LinkedIn and introductions to attorneys.

    Adria Gross
    Adria Gross President, CEO at MedWise Billing - Medical Insurance Advocacy
  • Well run, informative group.

    Dominic Piccirillo
    Dominic Piccirillo Principal at The Cody Group - Commercial Insurance
  • Great opportunity to meet and network and get connect with resources within community.

    Nancy Milyko
    Nancy Milyko External Case Manager at Centers Health Care
  • Collaberex meetings provide a unique and invaluable networking forum. Jonathan has developed a personal and effective platform to meet new contacts and generate relevant leads to grow your business and build long-term relationships. Collaberex is the new model for effective networking.

    Allyn Michalek
    Allyn Michalek Director, Strategic Development - eps Communications
  • Traditional networking can be hit or miss, you never know who you will meet. Jonathan Rosen and Collaberex has changed the dynamics of meeting the right individuals for your business. It's all about LinkedIn connections. Thru Collaberex networking is fun & easy to get the introductions to the specific individuals you want.

    Wendy Brown
    Wendy Brown VP, Senior Financial Advisor - Merrill Lynch
  • The name, Collaberex says it all: Collaboration + Exchange = Instant success. Jonathan takes “networking” to a whole new and unrealized level providing a facilitated focus group of well qualified professionals with the same objective: to give and get direct introductions to key leaders. Stop going to network events consisting of introductions and stories. Attend a Collaberex Lead Generation event and come away with solid opportunities and support in hand!

    Chuck Kitchen
    Chuck Kitchen Founder - Business Betterments
  • I found the Collaborex group to be a refreshing new spin on the age old networking group. At the group I attended, I was not only able to get warm introductions to key people that could help in growing my business, but I also found that I was connected to many of the other attendees, most of who I had never met before, in ways I did not realize going into the meeting. It is definitely worth attending an event and experience it for yourself!

    Rob Kisner
    Rob Kisner Founder / CEO - Digital Arts Experience
  • Great to e-introduce others right in the room to avoid procrastination and better use of time!

    Vikram Rajan
    Vikram Rajan Co-Founder, PhoneBlogger.net
  • Very organized, informational and motivated group of people. Extremely supportive, friendly and professional group. Wonderful to hear how other people deal with the exact challenges I face.

    Barry Perlman
    Barry Perlman Intellectual Property Attorney at Meister Seelig & Fein
  • I would like to recommend Jonathan and his unique lead generation group Collaberex. It’s a group that is focused on immediate results, which I have experienced. Jonathan genuinely wants everyone to succeed in his/her endeavors and will see to it personally that they do.

    Abe Weinberger
    Abe Weinberger Business Development Manager - WTI Outsourcing
  • Jonathan does his homework for you and the group thus motivating you to do what you should be doing to meet your target customers.

    Louis Maggiotto
    Louis Maggiotto Of Counsel - Nobile Magarian & DiSalvo
  • Collaberex has taken networking to a new level. You get instant "warm" referrals at your first meeting. I was extremely impressed by the attention to detail and no-nonsense approach to gaining the introductions to people I wanted to meet. I will certainly attend other meetings and recommend Collaberex to my friends and colleagues.

    Mark Bernstein
    Mark Bernstein President - 187 Consulting Group, Ltd.
  • Focused networking is always better time spent.

    Bruce Davison
    Bruce Davison Vice President at Webster Bank
  • Absolutely loved the meeting. Exceed all expectations.

    Craig O’Callaghan
    Craig O’Callaghan Owner - New Century Home Services - home warranties
  • Collaberex is like no other networking event I’ve been to. I stated the objective I was out to accomplish and people immediately started looking in LinkedIn for people who can help. Everyone had a turn. People were pre-screened by the host – Jonathan – and seemed to genuinely want to help each other. I left with four quality leads and all of them took my call after the meeting. I am planning to go to another meeting next month to get my process going again.

    Filip Ivanov
    Filip Ivanov Senior Advisor GYAS Corp. - Corp Finance & Strategy Consulting
  • A very interesting approach to working together to find the right connections to one's target market.

    Anne Katz
    Anne Katz Business Development Officer - ConnectOne Bank
  • Good to meet and share knowledge and experience with likeminded professionals.

    Andrew Barovick
    Andrew Barovick Partner at Alegria & Barovick
  • Focus and strategic approach is a key differential of Collaberex.

    Francisco Paschoal
    Francisco Paschoal Executive Coach
  • A select, highly professional and outgoing group.

    Tony Grass
    Tony Grass President at e-Market Intelligence
  • Found great value in the intimate setting.

    Dan DiLella
    Dan DiLella Insurance Advisor- The Hotaling Group
  • Refreshing & reassuring.

    Robert Murphy
    Robert Murphy Sales Executive at Atlantic Westchester
  • Connecting with others who all call on the same people is very valuable.

    Christine Brown
    Christine Brown Account Executive at OFI - Contract Furniture
  • The group was extremely informative about potential marketing strategies and client opportunities.

    Hillel Sussman
    Hillel Sussman Attorney at Brown, Gruttadaro, Gaujean, Prato & Sastow
  • Very interesting and high powered group of professionals.

    Nina Krathamer
    Nina Krathamer Counsel at Ruchelman
  • Great networking strategy that allows you to focus on specific targets.

    Jason Horowytz
    Jason Horowytz Vice President, Commercial Bank at Santander
  • Excellent group of high quality business people. Valuable business development discussions.

    Rob Wiesenberg
    Rob Wiesenberg President, Contegra Systems
  • It is useful to continue to expand my professional resource database.

    Kurt Schmidt
    Kurt Schmidt IT Services Consultant at All Covered
  • Much more interesting than some other groups I have attended!

    Eric Mendelson
    Eric Mendelson President at J Squared Press
  • All attendees have a common interest and want to grow their business.

    Traci Burrows
    Traci Burrows Business Development at Servpro of Scarsdale
  • Jonathan Rosen's company, Collaberex, runs a LinkedIn power networking meeting that got me three pre-qualified business introductions in <90 minutes. Very effective process, great sales results for very little money in practically no time at all, and it's fun! If you're in the Westchester or Manhattan NYC area, I highly recommend the unique Collaberex bizdev accelerator process.

    Al Cini
    Al Cini Organizational Development Strategist, The Corporate Kool-Aid Cookbook
  • Focused networking is incredibly helpful to building my business.

    Susan Catalano
    Susan Catalano Managing Partner - JQLaCorte, LinkedIn consulting firm
  • Small targeted group concept works really well ! I think value will come through continuing participation in this group.

    Jacquelyn Wilkins
    Jacquelyn Wilkins HR Mergers & Acquisitions Consultant at J. Hunter Wilkins Consulting
  • Combination of intense targeted customer focus and invaluable peer to peer counseling constitute an opportunity generally not available in such a sensible format.

    John Cohn
    John Cohn Diamond Capital Advisors - Managing Director
  • This Collaberex group was forthcoming with their services, their desire to network & share contacts for everyone's mutual benefit.

    Ron Ries
    Ron Ries Partner at Weiser Mazars
  • Collaberex has formulated a unique and effective networking method for meeting new business people and quickly mining participants’ contact databases to connect with possible leads. Participants can attend as many or as few meetings as your schedule permits without any pressure or referral requirements. Collaberex works!

    Gary S. Sastow
    Gary S. Sastow Attorney at Law - Brown, Gruttadaro, Gaujean, Prato
  • Good information and advice, Good People, No Fluff

    Tom Mooney
    Tom Mooney Signature Bank - Commercial Banking
  • I enjoyed meeting others who are smart and savvy. Collaborating is the best way to grow your business.

    Elizabeth Foster
    Elizabeth Foster Founder of Connect-2-Coach
  • I am continually amazed by the fantastic people I meet through Collaberex meetings and the structured facilitation process. Collaberex has an effective format that leverages LinkedIn technology to meet other professionals. I have attended several meetings and have added some solid contacts to my network. Grab your laptop and be ready to network.

    Keith R. Reynolds
    Keith R. Reynolds Vice President - Austin Lawrence Group
  • Wonderful brainstorming !!

    Linda Kagan
    Linda Kagan Principal, KaganLaw
  • A great approach to getting referrals.

    Bill Pauly
    Bill Pauly Business Development Executive - Pioneer Capital Group
  • Most networking groups I've been to have operated on the quantity over quality approach. What I got from the Collaberex Lead Generation group was the exact opposite: a focused, thoughtful hour and a half with a tight group of people. I received creative suggestions from everyone and concrete relationship referrals from a number of attendees. I left the meeting feeling energized and eager to help the group of people I met, in a way that's refreshing compared to the traditional networking meeting approach. I look forward to coming again.

    Jeff Solomon
    Jeff Solomon CEO / Partner - Techromatic
  • This meeting was very helpful to discuss possible referral sources I didn't even consider.

    Lacey Riger
    Lacey Riger Vice President at Serhey Davidson Corp.
  • Collaberex's Networking-Direct group and process has been very useful in helping me expand my network and find those decision makers who are interested in my product. I have also found that meeting new people in the group has been a valuable way for me to support others in my network with new connections and business opportunities.

    Jeff Loehr
    Jeff Loehr Partner & Strategy Practice Lead - Stratalis Consulting
  • Collaberex offers a new and innovative approach to networking. By putting like-minded people in a room and leveraging our relationships on LinkedIn, you can get personal introductions to your ideal lead with a small investment of your time. It’s well worth giving it a try.

    David Vogel
    David Vogel President, Video SEO Pro
  • I think Collaberex is a truly innovative approach to business networking. It's much more strategic and results-oriented than other forms of networking. The participant vetting process and the use of social media for lead generation creates a high-powered "sharing" environment. Members meet, mingle and discuss what their business needs are. They always leave with relevant leads, quality referrals and "warm introductions" to key people. Collaberex is productive, constructive — and a win/win for all involved!

    Barbara Maroch
    Barbara Maroch Creative Director, Write On! Marketing/Communications Consultant
  • Feedback on my introduction and using a search string in LinkedIn was most valuable.

    Shana Campbell
    Shana Campbell Shana Campbell
  • Innovative approach to networking. Allows focus on people who sell where you are selling.

    Keith Gordon Ginsberg
    Keith Gordon Ginsberg TriNet - Regional Consultant - Health Insurance Cost Reduction
  • This group provided insight & shared knowledge from a number of professionals.

    Arthur Pasternak
    Arthur Pasternak Merrill Lynch Certified Financial Planner
  • Interesting group of high caliber people.

    George Grace
    George Grace Managing Partner at Mohr Partners, Commercial Real Estate
  • A Collaberex Lead Generation Group is NOT your traditional networking group. At this B2B group, just bring names of your target customers and someone at the table will know them and introduce you, even at your first meeting. What makes Collaberex Lead Generation groups even more special is what Jonathan Rosen brings to the table with his contacts and his passion to help.

    Mitchell J. Grossman
    Mitchell J. Grossman President - 

Corporate Real Estate Solutions & The Furnished Office

  • Lively discussion, good ideas and approaches to developing new business opportunities.

    Ken Murphy
    Ken Murphy Managing Director or Business Development at Everbank
  • This group is clearly made up of highly skilled, hard working professionals

    Toni Hokanson
    Toni Hokanson Director of Marketing and Acquisitions at C2G Environmental Consultants
  • It is great to talk with like minded professionals focusing on the same or similar customers. Collaboration with others is always a value added.

    Darren Johnson
    Darren Johnson NYC Commercial Accounts Manager - Petro Commercial Services
  • I enjoyed meeting sophisticated B2B professionals and discussing business development strategies and experiences.

    Jorge Salva
    Jorge Salva Partner - Culhane Meadows - Corporate Attorney
  • First time attended, but meet people whom will be valuable in the future.

    Bill Demersky
    Bill Demersky Sales Engineer at Power Performance Industries
  • A small tight knit group provides opportunities to really get to know one another versus a group of 30 people.

    Jaclyn Treinkman
    Jaclyn Treinkman Residential Real Estate Associate at Halstead

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