“Prospect-Defined” Lead Generation / Peer Advisory Groups

Attend the group event that matches who YOU call on.

To see the schedule of all the lead generation groups and to register for an event

If you don’t see a group that matches who you call on, contact me. Let’s form your dream group together.

For Those Who Call on:

New York City
VC Funded Tech Companies located in the NY Metro Area. Time and day TBD.
The NY Metro Area Real Estate Industry: Building Owners, RE Developers and RE Investment Firms, 2nd Tuesday of the month, 9am
Manhattan Luxury Referral Network, for those who call on High Net Worth Individuals, 3rd Thursday of the month, 9am
Professional Services Firms, 4th Tuesday of the month, 8:30am
Leading Mid-Market Privately Held firms $50 – 250MM, Posturing for Growth, 4th Tuesday of the month, 4:30pm
For those who focus on Succession Planning and Exit Strategies for Privately Held Companies, White Plains, 2nd Wednesday of the month, 8am
Commercial Facility & Property Managers and Commercial Real Estate Brokers, Bedford Hills, 3rd Friday of the month, 12 noon
Stamford, CT
C-Level Execs with Budgetary Authority at Companies with Revenues of $10 – $100MM, 4th Wednesday of the month, 8:30am or 4:30pm
New Jersey
C-Level Execs at Growth Companies Located in Northern, NJ with $10 – $200M in Revenues, Ridgewood, 4th Thursday of the month, 9am

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