Arnold Rintzler

Founder AWR Business Concepts - Certified Business Coach

“People make the difference,” says Arnie. “More than any other business variable, the development of human resources is the key to greater growth and profits.”

Arnie knows his subject. He has successfully coached more than 300 individuals in 40 industries, helping them to achieve inspired leadership, employee cohesion and ultimately, greater profit. As a certified facilitator for the Total Quality Institute and Resources Associates Corporation, he has helped his clients implement “total quality management,” a holistic approach to continuous business improvement.

Prior to founding AWR Business Concepts in 1993, Arnie spent 29 years in business, including 12 years as president of The Casual Woman, a chain of women’s apparel stores, which he founded, grew successfully, and sold to a national retailer. He was also a senior manager for R.H. Macy Company and Federated Department Stores. He is particularly adept in buying, merchandising, operations and human resources. Arnie started AWR Business Concepts because he knows from experience that “people will willingly accomplish great things given the right support, the right tools, and the right kind of leadership.”

As a business consultant, he has worked in manufacturing, construction, and retail, as well as professional and service industries. He helps clients with management issues, process improvement and strategic direction. He has facilitated the development of strategic business and marketing plans, plus leadership, sales performance and employee evaluation.

Arnie holds a degree in psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. His professional certifications include Achievement Seminars International (training and marketing), and the Resource Associate Network (affiliate and trainer). His articles have appeared in newspapers and business publications, he has been featured on radio and TV, and he has been a speaker for many business and professional groups. In addition, Arnie is an adjunct instructor at Essex County Community College and also has taught at the Community College of Morris and The Institute for Business & Professional Development at Kean University.

“Most people have a great deal of potential they’re just not using,” says Arnie. “We help people discover, expand and develop the skills and attitudes necessary to achieve a higher degree of success both personally and professionally.”