Keith Reynolds

Keith R. Reynolds

Keith is a twenty-year technology industry veteran. He is responsible for taking Austin Lawrence’s growing HubSpot partnership to the next level. The core of his effort is to build a practice focused on the discipline of Inbound Marketing and to provide strategic guidance for clients.

He is a technology marketing and business development professional with both large and small companies and has launched several start-up technology businesses. His experience lies in analyzing, creating and managing business strategies for B2B and B2C technology firms, including IBM and Apple. His experience spans sales, strategic analysis and planning; company, brand and product management; public relations, business capitalization to help companies grow and increase profitability. In addition, he has deep expertise in the application of Internet and software technologies to marketing problems.

Keith holds a MS in Justice and Security from University of Phoenix and a BS degree from Southern Illinois University. He completed IBM’s Advanced Business Institute’s rigorous Financial Management and President’s Class training programs, which concentrated on teaching C-Level strategic and financial decision-making to sales and marketing professionals.