Kelley Edelblut

Kelley is the Principal of Pathways to the Future. In addition she is an ICF certified coach, facilitator and trainer. Kelley helps individuals build careers that are in alignment with their innate abilities and core values, so that they can live a more happy, balanced and fulfilled life.

Kelley also specializes in helping new, existing and emerging leaders improve leadership skills and sensibilities. With a wide range of certifications that support Kelley’s coaching, coupled with over 10 years of coaching experience, Kelley has the tools, knowledge and expertise necessary to provide clients with the support they need to achieve leadership and organizational success. Kelley works with groups, and one-on-one with leaders to help sharpen leadership skills, improve accountability and align their talents to organizational needs and priorities.

Kelley’s work promotes growth, goal setting, accountability and deep self-learning along the way.