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Are you a curious, smart, collaborative, successful professional who values authentic relationships?

Join our community of like-minded professionals who share your abundance mindset, believe relationships matter and come together for impactful business changing advice and

life changing relationships.

These are people who believe group collaboration, inclusion and kindness is their competitive advantage.  We welcome you to experience our community as our guest 

Your 1st 30 days of membership are free !

What Can You Expect?

Professional Development Skills

we tackle time management, communication skills, personal SWOT analysis, imposter syndrome, relational mindset and current research and determinants of success.

Business Development Skills

we compare and learn best practices, define our value propositions, our audience and our messaging. We establish goals, key performance indicators and accountability partners.

Personal Growth Skills

meeting agendas focus on gratitude, resilience, the science of happiness, the power of vulnerability and other topics that serve to accelerate the relationship building process between members.


we are all responsible for each other's success and share goals so as to hold each other accountable for achieving our individual achievements.


we are so much more than membership in a group. You are part of a community. Access to all members in all groups through our Member Portal. Participate in our "all member" forum, monthly workshops, open networking, masterminds, affinity groups and fully Covid compliant social events and adventures.

When you join one of our groups, you will get a sense of belonging. Join a sanctuary from the competitive environment we are all in. We are a culture of group learning fueled by mutual trust and meaningful, long term relationship building with people who support your goals and aspirations.

Does this Describe you?

At Collaberex we believe in kindness, inclusion, optimism, curiosity, empathy, self-awareness, integrity, honesty. People in our groups feel good by making others feel good. We welcome you to sample our groups (your 1st 30 days of membership are free) and see if it feels right to you.

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