Join our community of like-minded professionals who share your target market for impactful business changing advice & referrals and life changing relationships.


When you join one of our groups, you will get a sense of belonging. We are a culture of group learning and high quality referrals fueled by mutual trust and meaningful, long term relationship building with people who support your goals and aspirations.

Membership Fees

New Group Early Joiner Promotion

Join a newly formed group within 3 weeks of your first guest meeting

  • Annual (if paid in full) $695

    You save $325 if paid in full for the year

  • Monthly $85

2021 Membership Fee

Regular Members Fee

  • Annual (paid in full) $1,475
  • Monthly $150
  • 3 Payments $560


No Charge

There is no charge to attend a group as a guest

Two Groups Twice

A new guest can attend two groups twice (4 total meetings) before membership is required.

Lean into our community and all it has to offer.

Jonathan Rosen

To Sample a Group as Our Guest

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