Guidelines for Participation


  • Collaberex is a collaborative community of business professionals who come together for peer advice and business development. We bring together a select group of high integrity, motivated business leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs to identify issues, solve common problems and accelerate company and personal growth.
  • Groups meet two times per month via Zoom.
  • Facilitators are accomplished leaders who act as part coach, part group leader to stimulate thinking, frame issues, guide discussions and ensure group accountability.
  • Member’s build impactful relationships “in meeting” through participation in small group discussions and breakouts on topics both operational and developmental.
  • Each group operates as a “team” and works towards the common goal of each member achieving the individual goals they set for themselves.
  • Individual member issues are also addressed in a structured manner that ensures actionable solutions.
  • Collaberex members are committed to the success of others in the group and bring a wide and diverse range of expertise and experience.

Collaberex’s Commitment to You:

  • Collaberex values you as an individual and will make all efforts to place you in the right group for you – the one that matches your target market for high quality peer advice and client referrals.
  • Your professional slot in your group will be protected.
  • We value your input and listen to all suggestions for improved meeting agendas.
  • We are accountable to you to make sure you receive the value you expect from membership.
  • Collaberex is committed to your success and that of your organization.

Your Commitment to Your Group:

  • General Commitments:
    • Confidentiality – what is said in a Collaberex meeting, stays in the meeting.
    • Relationships – Collaberex members are selected for a group based on a number of factors, one of which is their desire to collaborate and be supportive of one another and actively connect with group members both during and outside of the meetings. 
    • Respect – Respect each other so we can all be free to contribute whatever ideas we have. For our groups to work at maximum benefit everyone needs to feel safe to be open and vulnerable.

  • In Meeting:
    • Be present. Phones down. No multitasking. Video on. Show up on time. Be respectful of others.
    • Have open, honest conversations. Participate in discussions. Reveal your challenges and success. Share your experiences and insights. Share your own “best practices.”
    • Present to the group business problems you’d like discussed and solved.
    • Attend at least 75% of the meetings of your group.
    • Be accountable for commitments made to the group.
  • Other Responsibilities:
    • Ours is a culture of collaboration. Be committed to the success of other group members and they will be committed to yours.
    • Invite guests. Grow the group – it’s the member’s responsibility to help grow your group with non-competing, like-minded members.
    • Meet other members outside of the group meetings. Build relationships of trust with all other group members. Follow up on all promises made to fellow members.
    • Do not solicit business from new guests – get to know them, help them succeed, welcome them to your group.
    • Be an “ambassador.” All members will be assigned to follow up with guests, to acclimate them to our collaborative culture, show guests our commitment to their success and to help the group determine if a guest is right for our group.

These guidelines reflect your commitment to the success of other members. If guidelines are not adhered to, it is grounds for termination and/or non-renewal of your membership.  Collaberex and its principles and / or facilitators are not liable for the opinions of any facilitator, member or participant providing peer advice / expressing their opinion and for any perceived breach of confidentiality.  Members agree to hold Collaberex and its principles and facilitators harmless.

Members-Only Section:

Use of members only section is for individual use only. Members are not allowed to pass along any bulk information about other members, without their prior written consent.

Refund Policy:

A full refund will be given only in the first 30 days of your membership. Since this is a commitment and promise to your group, for the term of your membership, after 30 days no refund is given. Memberships auto-renew unless notified via. email 60 days prior to expiration.

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