Workshop – For Members Only

December 17, 2021

3:00 pm / 4:00 pm



Jonathan Rosen


Introduction to Pick My Brain – the leader in the knowledge economy – Share Knowledge, Get Paid is an emerging global platform, providing brilliant people (you) the means to share what you know with the world. 

We are honored to have Maxine Cunningham, Founder & CEO of Pick My Brain  present a workshop on what this all means and how to use this platform to: 

  • Create your profile to creatively express and share your unique knowledge, experiences, and values, so others will want to meet you.
  • Learn how to set up meetings, and offerings to sell your knowledge where others can book you for consultations, workshops, mentoring, speaking engagements, classes, etc. 
  • Create another revenue stream for your practice. 
  • Go global, and meet other brilliant minds from around the world.
  • Learn more (something you didn’t already know) about your fellow Collaberex members and booking meetings.

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