Be Part of a Group that
Work Together to Achieve Your Goals Through the
Collaborative Efforts of the Group

Business development problems we solve

  • FIND those mostly likely to need your products and services.
  • TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR TIME – how to balance prospecting vs. servicing clients.
  • IDENTIFY the pain points that trigger a prospects willingness to meet.

Business skills we improve

  • SET effective goals.
  • ACHIEVE concrete results.
  • REFINE your VALUE PROPOSITION – Differentiate your brand from the competition.
  • PERFECT your PITCH – be ready anywhere, anytime, in front of anybody.

Grow your business

  • Share HIGH QUALITY referrals from other members who have clients in your sweet spot.
  • Speed up your SALES CYCLE.
  • YOU figure out what you need to do, then WE hold you ACCOUNTABLE for doing it.


  • Collaborative Culture. Achieve your goals through the efforts of the group.
  • Accountability. We hold each other accountable for the action steps we take to achieve our goals.
  • Peer Learning. Each member contributes their own insights & experience.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships. This is the direct roadmap to high quality referrals.
  • Confidentiality, Honesty, Trust

Our groups are limited to 10 non-competing members
All groups meet once / month for 90 minutes

  • In my Collaberex group we learn lots of great ideas and techniques that help us service the common target market all members share. This group has created great new referral sources and business opportunities making it a fantastic investment.

    Kelby Edwards Private Wealth Advisor at Sagemark Consulting, specializing in succession planning for privately held businesses.
  • Collaberex runs fantastic meetings that really get to the bottom of what it takes to succeed. I’ve gotten some great referrals and great ideas from it.

    Jeff Rubin Senior VP, Hub International Insurance Broker specializing in middle market businesses
  • Collaberex groups help teach business techniques, values and differentiators. It's a refreshing environment where you really get a lot out of your time.

    Adam Warshaw Principle at DataVelocity, IT Managed Services
  • Best in class, B2B group that gets results. It's laser focused and results oriented.

    Peter J. Scalise Peter J. Scalise, Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practice Leader for the Americas, Prager Metis CPAs - a TOP 50 Global CPA Firm
  • Combination of intense targeted customer focus and invaluable peer to peer counseling constitute an opportunity generally not available in such a sensible format.

    John Cohn Managing Director, Diamond Capital Advisors
  • At Collaberex we all have the common goal of building our businesses. Together we help each other achieve our sales goals. You're getting proven advice from your peers who share what has really worked for them.

    Valerie Oben President, Foxboro Consulting, Inc.
  • I joined the Collaberex group only a few months ago. I have found this to be much different than any other group with which I have been involved. Under Jonathan's leadership, our group intimately knows each other's businesses. We spend time not only learning what each of us does but "why." Very important. Bottom line: I have closed new business by being part of Collaberex!

    Dan Casanta President, Cardinal Business Financing
  • This is the only group that focuses on business development results and makes it happen by holding me accountable to the group for the promises I have made to myself.

    Ambreen Nagani CPA Hart Vida Raffo Partners
  • Candid communication, mutual support.

    Alyse Holstein HPG Partners, LLC, CEO, Providing successful B2B companies funding connections locally and globally
  • These groups promote individual professional self development and accountability between members. You are meeting with trusted people "in your space" to further develop your strengths alongside your peers. It's an investment in you, as well as your business.

    Lisa MacBeth Financial Planner
  • This is the only group that focuses on business development results and makes it happen by holding me accountable to the group for the promises I have made to myself.

    Al Cini Al Cini Creator - Brand & Culture Alignment Toolkit (BCAT)
  • These groups help you figure out what you need to do, then hold you accountable for doing it.

    Francia Smith Founder CEYE3, Customer Experience Expert
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