Be Part of a Group that


Work Together to Achieve Your Goals Through the Collaborative Efforts of the Group

Business development problems we solve

  • FIND those mostly likely to need your products and services.
  • TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR TIME – how to balance prospecting vs. servicing clients.
  • IDENTIFY the pain points that trigger a prospects willingness to meet.

Business skills we improve

  • SET effective goals.
  • ACHIEVE concrete results.
  • REFINE your VALUE PROPOSITION – Differentiate your brand from the competition.
  • PERFECT your PITCH – be ready anywhere, anytime, in front of anybody.

Grow your business

  • Share HIGH QUALITY referrals from other members who have clients in your sweet spot.
  • Speed up your SALES CYCLE.
  • YOU figure out what you need to do, then WE hold you ACCOUNTABLE for doing it.


  • Collaborative Culture. Achieve your goals through the efforts of the group.
  • Accountability. We hold each other accountable for the action steps we take to achieve our goals.
  • Peer Learning. Each member contributes their own insights & experience.
  • Build Meaningful Relationships. This is the direct roadmap to high quality referrals.
  • Confidentiality, Honesty, Trust

Our groups are limited to 10 non-competing members
All groups meet once / month for 90 minutes

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