More Effective Than Traditional Networking Groups

Build Meaningful Relationships and Belong to a Client-Target Defined Group where All Members Know the Decision Makers You Want to Meet.


Peer Advisory + With the Right People for You = Business Development

Make connections and establish relationships with the right people for YOU. Only network with those who will know the decision makers YOU need to meet to increase your client base because all group members call on the same client targets. Peer advice will improve your business development skills, professional growth skills, solve common business problems and get you introduced to the decision makers you want to meet.

Collaboration with the right people leads to accelerated individual outcomes.
Belong to a group committed to your success.
Build relationships with non-competing professionals who share your target market.
Learn from your peers, share and solve challenges.

Join a collaborative community for optimized networking.

Don’t go it alone.
Belong to a group out for your success.
Be more focused in your networking choices.
Group your client base.


Features Business Development Groups Business Development Coaching
Peer Advisory and shared referrals from people who call on the same customers you do One-on-one coaching provides a roadmap to increasing your client base along with accountability to keep you on track in your business development efforts
Learn best practices and practical advice from a small group of like minded professionals
Maximum of 10 people per group accelerate the development of in-depth discussions and relationships
Groups are composed around non-competing professionals with compatible networks
Further define your target customers
Perfect your messaging
Presentation / pitch coaching
Define your unique expertise
Learn most effective “go to market” strategies
Follow up methodology coaching
Share experiences – what has and hasn’t worked
Proven methodology for targeted referrals at every meeting
Vetted non-competing professionals have large networks of contacts they are willing to share
Join the best group for YOU
Align firm and individual business development goals
LinkedIn profile optimization and strategies
Social media / email marketing advice
Continual re-evaluation and progress tracking fosters accountability
Individual private coaching with in-person monthly meetings address your particular needs in confidence
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