Who We Help

Decision Makers eluding you?

Do you need to be introduced to the decision makers who need your products and services? Are your current efforts inefficient? Why not join a small group of non-competing professionals who know these people because they call on the same decision makers.

Our Focus is Narrow:

Professional Service Providers

“I am a partner / associate in a professional firm (attorneys, accountants, commercial insurance brokers, commercial real estate brokers, business consultants) – a significant portion of my compensation is tied to the business I bring in.”


B2B Marketing

“I own a $5MM business and need to increase sales on a limited budget. B2B marketing is critical. Traditional networking, advertising and social media marketing just take too long and don’t seem to get me a decent return on my investment.”



“I am a business development officer for a small non-profit and I need to make the best use of our limited resources to fundraise by being introduced to potential corporate donors.”

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