Business Development / Peer Advisory for Non-Profits

Is this You?

“I am the director or development officer for a small non-profit. I need to continually fundraise in an efficient manner to support our mission. It’s important to me to be introduced to potential corporate donors.  I’ve tried going to networking groups and networking events with very limited results. We have a very limited budget so most of the fundraising is dependent on me meeting the right people.”

“Other Development Officers I know who have been the most successful are those who are part of a close knit group of peers who they trade both advice and business contacts. That’s the type of group, I’d like to be part of.”

Non-Profits have unique challenges.

With the great majority of our donations being spent to further our mission, we can not afford to take part in inefficient fundraising activities which do not yield results.

I need to increase corporate donations Share best practices with other professionals
We have a great story – I just need to tell the right people Our group will introduce you to who you want
A very limited marketing budget The most efficient way to meet your target corporate donors
Networking never got me results This is not networking. It’s a much more efficient methodology combining peer advisory and targeted referrals
My time is very valuable 90 minutes once per month will be your most productive time spent
I need advice and referrals NOT from random people but from the right people for me 10 people who understand your challenges and have the right contacts for you
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