Professional Service Providers

Business Development methods that make sense.

“I need to bring business into my firm. I’ve tried going to networking groups and networking events with very limited results. My expertise is not sales and I don’t like networking because it’s not enough of the right people for me, and too much small talk. I need advice and referrals NOT from random people but from the right people for ME.” 

“Partners in my firm and other colleagues I know who have been the most successful are those who are part of a small close knit group of people with compatible networks who trade both advice and business. That is the type of group I want to be part of.”

Professional service providers have unique challenges.

I don’t have the time to put in or the skill set in business development. I do great work for my existing clients. I just need advice and referrals sources who can introduce me to other potential clients.

  • Jonathan Rosen's company, Collaberex, runs a LinkedIn power networking meeting that got me three pre-qualified business introductions in <90 minutes. Very effective process, great sales results for very little money in practically no time at all, and it's fun! If you're in the Westchester or Manhattan NYC area, I highly recommend the unique Collaberex bizdev accelerator process.

    Al Cini
    Al Cini Organizational Development Strategist, The Corporate Kool-Aid Cookbook


My law firm highly encourages me to bring in new clients. I need to be introduced to in-house counsel for companies in the industry I specialize in while making the most of my limited time.


My accounting firm is always looking for new corporate clients to grow our tax and audit practice. We need to meet more CFOs of small to medium sized businesses and commercial bankers.

Commercial Bankers and Asset Based Lenders

This is a personal business based on trust. Introduce me to CEOs, COOs and accountants for businesses of the size I service, so they can get to know me.

Commercial Insurance Brokers

I am in the risk management business. I can help any business maintain coverage and reduce premiums. I just need to met the CEOs I’m targeting.

Commercial Real Estate Brokers

In a commission based business I just need to meet as many developers, owners and tenants as possible, so I can best service their real estate interests.

Business Consultants for Sales / IT & HR

I help businesses grow while managing costs. If I can meet more COOs in the industries I have the most experience in, it will help me grow my own practice.

Marketing / PR & Branding Firms

I’ve done great work for companies in the industry I specialize in, as measured by their increase in sales. I just need to meet more of those companies.

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