Lead Generation for Attorneys

Is this You?

“I am a partner or associate in a NY Metro Area law firm. I specialize in either commercial litigation or transactional work. Everyone in my firm is highly encouraged and incentivized to bring clients into the firm. I could use the extra income but don’t really know an efficient way to get introduced to the potential clients I need to meet. My time is extremely limited and needs to be spent on billable hours. I don’t like sales or networking because, it’s just a lot of small talk, plus most of the networking groups already have someone in my category.”

“Partners in my firm who have been the most successful are those who are part of a close knit group of peers who they trade both advice and business with. That’s the type of group, I’d like to be part of.”

Lawyers have unique challenges.

Lead generation for attorneys was not on the bar exam ! My partners and associates say networking takes up to a year to yield results (if any). I want to find a better return on my time that will yield results today.

 Attorney’s Problem The Collaberex Solution
I need advice on how to bring clients into the firm Share best practices with non-competing professionals
I am not sure who my target customers are We coach you and define your target customers
My expertise is not sales No sales expertise required – be yourself
Networking has not yielded satisfactory results This is not a networking group. It’s the only group that combines peer advisory with a proven method accelerating lead generation for attorneys
I get closed out of networking groups because my slot is taken We will find the right group for you
I need advice and referrals NOT from random people but from the right people for me Only 6-8 people in each group who understand your business development challenges and have compatible networks
  • Collaberex has formulated a unique and effective networking method for meeting new business people and quickly mining participants’ contact databases to connect with possible leads. Participants can attend as many or as few meetings as your schedule permits without any pressure or referral requirements. Collaberex works!

    Gary S. Sastow
    Gary S. Sastow Attorney at Law - Brown, Gruttadaro, Gaujean, Prato

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