Business Development / Peer Advsiory for Commercial Bankers and Asset Based Lenders

Is This You?

“I work for a commercial bank or asset based lender.  My target customers are in a particular industry and have sales of anywhere from $2 – $100MM. I need to be introduced to CEOs, CFOs or COOs of these firms. All my business is based on getting to know these people so I can work on creating a relationship of trust so they feel comfortable using my services.  I need them to get to know me. It’s important I get introduced to the people I am looking to meet by people who know them.”

“Other colleagues in my industry who I know who have been the most successful are those who are part of a close knit group of peers who they trade both advice and business with. That’s the type of group, I’d like to be part of.”

Commercial Bankers and Asset Based Lenders Have Unique Challenges

It’s all based on developing personal relationships with my customers. I just need the starting point – the initial introduction by someone who knows my target customer – so I can start the conversation. The client may or may not need my services today, but once I get to know them they will at least consider me at such time when they do have a need.

 Commercial Bankers & Asset Based Lenders Problem The Collaberex Solution
I need advice on how to build my book of business Share best practices and referrals with non-competing professionals
I need to more specifically define who I should target We coach you and help define your expertise
I’m very busy and under pressure to show results Our methodology of combining peer advisory with targeted referrals gets results
I get closed out of groups because my slot is taken We will find the right group for you
I need advice and referrals NOT from random people but from the right people for me 10 people who understand your challenges and have compatible networks
I need to spend my money and time wisely The 90 minutes you spend once a month in our group will be your most productive of the month
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