Business Develpment / Peer Advsiory for Small Businesses

Is this You?

“I own a small business and need to increase sales on a limited budget. Traditional networking is too inefficient a way for me or my sales people to generate leads. Advertising and social media marketing just take too long to see results, don’t seem targeted enough for me and cost more than I can afford until I can grow sales, increase profits and can then afford a bigger budget. I wish I had a group of people I could talk to about these issues, who were other small business owners with the same business development challenges I have.”

Small Businesses Have Their Challenges.

My business is growing but undercapitalized. Cash flow issues are of prime importance. I need to make sure every dollar I spend on marketing gets me a short term measurable increase in revenues. I need the best advice from people in my shoes PLUS customer referrals.

Small Business Problem The Collaberex Solution
I need advice on how to increase sales Share best practices with non-competing professionals like you
I have a limited marketing budget An investment in our group pays for itself
My time is very limited 90 minutes once per month will be your most productive time spent
I need advice and referrals not from random people but from the right people for me 10 people who understand your business development issues and have compatible networks
I’ve been in other groups and they haven’t worked for me No other group combines peer advisory plus a proven method for targeted referrals
I can’t afford the luxury of putting in months of time before I see results Get introduced to target clients at your 1st meeting
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