Betty Cosgrove

Collaberex Master Facilitator: Philadelphia, New York & Boston Metro Areas

I began my career in biotech research sequencing the Human Genome (Washington U), cloning plant genes (Monsanto), and working for biopharma doing drug discovery (PPD Inc). Ten years later, I was selling into bioscience accounts as a Technical account manager and eventually worked my way into the National Sales Manager role. I started my own company in 2016, EACBIO LLC, working in business development for startups in emerging technologies.

Today, I enjoy my part-time work as Venture Coach, mentoring startups in a few accelerator programs (e.g. Venture Coach, Accelerator for Biosciences Connecticut,; Business Mentor, Entrepreneurship Lab NYC,; Business Coach, Downstate Technology Center in Brooklyn,

As Facilitator for Collaberex, I enjoy building relationships with others while sharing best practices and growing our network – all the while, creating enjoyable moments together.

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