Betty Cosgrove

Collaberex Master Facilitator: Philadelphia, New York Metro Area

I started my career in research working on the Human genome project, altering crop genetics, and developing drug discovery assays.

After transitioning into sales and marketing, I did business development for 15 years, selling emerging technologies to pharma companies. As owner-consultant of EACBIO, I mentor scientists to become CEO and coach startups at the ELABNYC & ABCT accelerators. We create strategies and operation roadmaps to support medical devices, therapeutics, digital health, and research tools.

I am an advisory board member for Iris Technology Imaging, and I have a Masters (c) in Technology Entrepreneurship. Through my global contacts at University Innovations, I contract with early stage ventures to commercialize here in the USA. Recently, I spoke at the Gauteng Accelerator in S. Africa as we compared best practices and technologies during a high-need Covid-19 response.

Betty Cosgrove
Director Business Development – University Innovations
Venture Coach – Accelerator for Biosciences in Connecticut

As Facilitator for Collaberex, I enjoy building relationships with others while sharing best practices and growing our network – all the while, creating enjoyable moments together.