Denise Anderson

Financial Advisor - Wealth Management, Global

Denise’s career has spanned 20 years in institutional financial services In Europe and the US. She currently works at a female founded and staffed firm, BPP Wealth Solutions.

As a Security Income Planner, her unique perspective of servicing institutional clients allows her to deliver a high level of service on a personal basis. Developing goal oriented, financial strategies for individuals, families, and small businesses through financial integration and overview, helps people define their short and long term goals and identify the correct path to fulfill them. Empowering clients to make more informed decisions, and increase their financial literacy, is a key component to feeling secure about wealth.

Prior to her work in personal planning, Denise distributed interest rate derivative strategies to global central banks, hedge funds, mutual and pension funds worldwide leveraging her background in International Economics. Having lived in London for 11 years, she moved with her family back to the US in 2014.

Denise has an MBA from Columbia Business School in International Finance and Economics and a B.A. from Reed College in Economics.

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