Lisa MacBeth

Lisa MacBeth

Financial Advisor at National Financial Network

Lisa MacBeth has worked in the finance industry in complementary capacities since graduating from college. She began her career at Smith Barney, and worked primarily as an equities trader in capital markets for Citigroup and for a hedge fund housed at Oppenheimer.

Most recently, she founded and ran a social enterprise for seven years before coming to National Financial.  She has lived and worked primarily in Europe and SE Asia. Lisa enjoys complex problem solving and continuous learning, and loyally supports programs and institutions assisting people in educating themselves and improving their lives. She is passionate about educating people so they can feel comfortable making well-informed decisions in any capacity related to finance. She has consulted for NGOs in SE Asia on small scale social enterprise development and volunteered GED tutoring services at domestic violence shelters in NYC and CT. She has devoted the majority of her volunteer time in the last three years as a volunteer for the Board of the Kota Alliance, a NYC based non-profit incubator designed to minimize start-up costs for non-profits and enterprises dedicated to global women’s issues.

She holds a BA in Political Science and French from Dickinson College, and an MBA in Finance from the University Of Connecticut School Of Business.

Lisa lives and works in NYC, plays tennis regularly, and enjoys the cultural aspect of being a New Yorker.