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Business Consultants in IT, HR & Sales

Are you a Business Consultant in IT, HR or Sales who says

I am a partner or sales manager for an information technology, human resources, recruiting, or sales consulting firm. My target customers are other businesses mostly my metro area and plus others around the country. I need to be introduced to the CEOs, CTOs, COOs, HR Managers and Sales Managers at the particular businesses I am targeting.

Other colleagues in my industry who I have come across who have been the most successful are those who are part of a close knit group of peers who they trade both advice and business with. That’s the type of group, I’d like to be part of.

I came from big business and joined this firm to apply my knowledge to help small to medium sized businesses. It’s hard to stand apart from my competition unless I receive personal introductions to decision makers in the industries I am targeting.

I would like to belong to a like-minded group of professionals who understand my challenges and can work together to achieve measurable results.​

Collaberex solution to Business Consultants in IT, HR & Sales unique Challenges

I need advice on how to find new clients
Share best practices with non-competing professionals
Networking has not resulted in much business
100% of our participants know the decision makers you need to meet.
My expertise is not sales.
This is not networking. It’s a much more thoughtful and effective approach to business development
I need advice and referrals NOT from random people but from the right people for me
Non-competing professionals in each group who understand your challenges and share your target market.
Other groups have few people who can help me
Our vetted participants are required to be committed to your success.
The time and money I invest should yield results
Our methodology of combining peer advisory with the right people for you gets results.

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100% refund guarantee if membership doesn't work for you
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