All these people have attended our Business Networking – Peer Advisory / Lead Generation meetings. Can we add you?

  • Lisa MacBeth Financial Advisor at National Financial Network
  • Daren Debel
    Daren Debel Residential Real Estate Broker, Keller Williams NYC
  • Francia Smith Customer Experience Expert. President, CEYE3
  • Alozie Etufugh
    Alozie Etufugh Intellectual Property Attorney, Law Offices of Alozie N. Etufugh
  • Francesca Vitale VP Commercial Banking at Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  • William Malpica
    William Malpica Corporate Attorney, Partner at Martin LLP
  • Laura Powers
    Laura Powers President, Powers Career Coaching, LLC | Executive Career Transition/Job Search
  • Al Cini Organizational Development Specialist
  • Evan White Partner at White Harris, Labor Employment Law
  • Susan Peck
    Susan Peck Mortgage Banker, Citibank
  • Peter J. Scalise Prager Metis, Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practice Leader
  • Adria Gross President / CEO MedWise Insurance Advocacy
  • Michael Shapot Real Estate Broker, Compass NYC
  • Rita Esquenazi
    Rita Esquenazi Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual
  • Eric Winnick
    Eric Winnick Principal at E Lawrence Design - Interior Design
  • Denise Anderson Financial Advisor at BPP Wealth
  • Francisco Paschoal Executive Coach
  • Cindy Penchina President at Hudson Fusion, Digital and traditional marketing, website design
  • Alex Hart Founder of Hart Vida and Partners, an accounting and CFO Advisory firm
  • Jeri Quinn Founder, Driving Improved Results, Executive leadership coaching
  • Kenneth Renov
    Kenneth Renov Trusts & Estates Attorney, Vishnick McGovern Milizio
  • Lynn Gregorski
    Lynn Gregorski Founder of Repunzel Creative, Brand Strategist | Strategic Marketing
  • John Cohn Diamond Capital Advisors - Managing Partner
  • Darcy Ann Flanders
    Darcy Ann Flanders Founder, BaselineGroupNY - strategic marketing communication firm
  • Mike DeGregorio
    Mike DeGregorio Financial Advisor at Charter Oak Insurance and Financial Services
  • Ambreen Nagani
    Ambreen Nagani CPA at Hart Vida & Partners
  • Jeffrey Rubin
    Jeffrey Rubin Senior VP HUB International - Commercial Insurance
  • Don Russell Maintenance Sales Executive at Atlantic Westchester, Inc.
  • Adam Rude
    Adam Rude Principal, Lob Planning Group, Certified Financial Planner
  • Daniel Casanta
    Daniel Casanta President, Cardinal Business Financing
  • Adam Warshaw
    Adam Warshaw Principal at DataVelocity
  • Chuck Kitchen Founder & President, Business Betterments, Sales SaaS
  • Joel Kamor
    Joel Kamor Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) · Wealth Management
  • Jeff Florio
    Jeff Florio Senior Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
  • Greg Foley
    Greg Foley Financial Advisor National Financial Network
  • Eric Mendelson
    Eric Mendelson President at J Squared Press
  • Nochum Wilner
    Nochum Wilner Founder of Wilner Wealth Strategies
  • Paul Daubman
    Paul Daubman Principal, Daubman Corporate Interiors
  • Michael Levy
    Michael Levy Trusts and Estates Attorney at Law Office of Michael C. Levy
  • Mitchell Grossman Founder - Corp RE Solutions & The Furnished Office
  • Evan Molho Molho & Company, Branding Consultancy - Managing Partner
  • Bob Stevens
    Bob Stevens Strategy and M&A Executive at Growth Insights, Inc.
  • Steve Rubin
    Steve Rubin Chair of Patent Practice, Co-Chair of Cybersecurity Practice Moritt Hock & Hamroff
  • Adam Dubov
    Adam Dubov Financial Advisor at National Financial Network
  • Kenneth Katz
    Kenneth Katz Collections and Employment Law, Member at Katz Melinger PLLC
  • Mark Brodie
    Mark Brodie Director, MIB Mediaworks
  • Jan Mercer Dahms Founder & CEO, Swig
  • David Kaplowitz
    David Kaplowitz President, Rock Spring Coaching
  • Gilda Bonanno Executive Presentation Skills Coach, Keynote Speaker
  • Arnaldo Carrera Managing Partner, Strategic Business Alliance
  • Susan Catalano
    Susan Catalano LinkedIn Expert | Page Optimization | Training
  • Brian Drew
    Brian Drew Founder - Simplex Technologies
  • Karen Haas
    Karen Haas Marketing Mgr, Certa Pro Painters Westchester
  • Howard Klein
    Howard Klein Tax Partner at Citrin Cooperman; Co-Chair Trust and Estate Practice Group
  • Lauren Mauro
    Lauren Mauro General Manager, Carr Workplaces
  • Keith Reynolds VP Sr Marketing Advisor, Austin Lawrence Inbound Marketing
  • Miriam Kendall Founder, Ratio Consulting Marketing & Branding
  • Chris Vignone
    Chris Vignone Partner - SALT & Advisory Services, Prager Metis
  • Elizabeth Foster
    Elizabeth Foster Founder of Connect 2 Coach - Connecting the right expert coaches with the right clients
  • Clifford Michaels
    Clifford Michaels Chief Investment Officer, Institutional Investment Advisors
  • Deborah Asseraf
    Deborah Asseraf Director of Interactive Visual Arts at Popcorn Productions
  • Chris Peck
    Chris Peck Owner, CBP, Employee Benefits Broker and Consultant
  • Helena Loman
    Helena Loman Business Development, BFI Contract Furniture
  • David Vogel
    David Vogel Founder and President, Video SEO Pro
  • Wendy Brown
    Wendy Brown VP, Senior Financial Advisor, Merrill Lynch
  • Dennis Kremer
    Dennis Kremer Partner, GKG CPAs, Forensic Accounting & Valuations
  • Jennifer Lavelli
    Jennifer Lavelli Certified Long Term Care Specialist; Medicare Consultant
  • Derek Schuster
    Derek Schuster Senior Vice-President at Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Julie Lusthaus
    Julie Lusthaus Franchise Attorney, Einbinder & Dunn
  • Edward Stoiber
    Edward Stoiber VP Sr Manager, Capital One
  • Filip Ivanov
    Filip Ivanov Senior Financial Analyst, GYAS Corp.
  • Lacey Riger
    Lacey Riger Vice President at Serhey Davidson Corp.
  • JP Laqueur
    JP Laqueur Principal & Chief Connector, Brand Foundations
  • Leslie Green Founder, Roffe & Green
  • George Grace
    George Grace Managing Partner at Mohr Partners, Commercial Real Estate
  • Sabina Gill
    Sabina Gill VP - Commercial Banking at Banco Santander
  • Gil Fishman
    Gil Fishman Senior VP - York Int'l Risk Management
  • Marta Alfonso
    Marta Alfonso Principal, MBAF CPA
  • Glenn Diehl
    Glenn Diehl President - Skyline Genesis Event Marketing
  • Lynn Donaldson
    Lynn Donaldson Founder - Integris 3 Bio Solutions
  • Hugh Seaton
    Hugh Seaton Founder, Shippan Institute - training software
  • Taren Sterry
    Taren Sterry Leadership Coach & Communication Consultant
  • Jason Teigman
    Jason Teigman Executive Director of Sales at Bio-Shine Inc.
  • Betsy Cagan
    Betsy Cagan President and Founder of Bargaining Power Inc.
  • Miles Hutchings
    Miles Hutchings CEO, Amindon Specialty Chemicals
  • Cassandra Droogan
    Cassandra Droogan Founder - Pysis
  • Jeff Loehr Managing Partner , Stratalis Group
  • Shana Campbell
    Shana Campbell Entrepreneur and business consultant at Industry Savers
  • Paul Smith Co-Founder, Techromatic, Workplace U
  • Tamar Donikyan
    Tamar Donikyan Partner at Ellenoff Grossman & Schole LLP
  • Jason Horowytz
    Jason Horowytz Vice President, Commercial Bank at Santander
  • Shiuan Butler
    Shiuan Butler Founder, Shiuan Butler Life Change Coaching
  • Michael Rosenman
    Michael Rosenman Financial Advisor, Northwestern Mutual
  • Angela Marie Franco
    Angela Marie Franco Founder, AMF Direct Marketing
  • Jonathan Flaks
    Jonathan Flaks Principal - Jonathan Flaks Leadership Coaching
  • Annemarie Fleming
    Annemarie Fleming Business Development Manager - Move Plan
  • Nancy Milyko
    Nancy Milyko External Case Manager at Centers Health Care - Assisted Living, Rehab and Home Care
  • Justin Laquercia
    Justin Laquercia Field Channel Sales Manager at Constant Contact
  • Victoria Yampolsky
    Victoria Yampolsky President, The Startup Station
  • Ken Murphy
    Ken Murphy Managing Director of Business Development at Everbank Business Credit
  • Eliso Papaladze
    Eliso Papaladze President at Lisaanna's Domestic Services, Home Health Care
  • Ken Rabasco
    Ken Rabasco Licensed RE Sales, Mary Jane Pastor
  • Anne Katz
    Anne Katz VP, Business Development Officer, ConnectOne Bank
  • Lawrence Thaul
    Lawrence Thaul President, Co-Founder, Millenium Financial, Employee Benefits
  • Linda Kagan
    Linda Kagan Principal, KaganLaw, Corporate Transactions Attorney
  • Louis Maggiotto
    Louis Maggiotto Of Counsel, Nobile Magarian & DiSalvo Attorneys
  • Christine Brown
    Christine Brown Account Executive at OFI - Contract Furniture
  • Mark Bernstein
    Mark Bernstein Founder, MB Consulting
  • Paramjit Mahli
    Paramjit Mahli Legal Shield Associate
  • Matthew Scherer
    Matthew Scherer Partner, Rockland Advisory Investment Banking
  • Nina Krauthamer
    Nina Krauthamer International Tax Counsel at Ruchelman
  • Michael Dittelman
    Michael Dittelman Marketing & Business Development Executive
  • Jaclyn Treinkman
    Jaclyn Treinkman Associate R.E. Broker - Halstead
  • Michael Macchi
    Michael Macchi Sr. Strategic Sales Executive, Broadview Networks
  • Liz Whalen
    Liz Whalen Performance Coach and Speaker
  • Michael Sepkowsky
    Michael Sepkowsky Financial Services Professional at NYLIFE
  • Traci Burrows
    Traci Burrows Business Development at Servpro of Scarsdale
  • Jeff Solomon
    Jeff Solomon Co-Founder, Techromatic, WorkplaceU
  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith Partner, Rampart America, Business Continuation Insurance
  • Gary Sastow
    Gary Sastow Partner, Health Care Attorney, Brown Gruttadaro, Gaujean Prato
  • Peter Helmer
    Peter Helmer Principal, The Sales Management Group
  • Ravi Khatri
    Ravi Khatri Experienced Information and BI Architect
  • Richard Stern
    Richard Stern Sr VP, Business Banking Team Leader, Santander
  • Rob Kissner
    Rob Kissner Founder & President, The Digital Arts Experience
  • Robert Winton
    Robert Winton Partner, Citron Cooperman CPAs
  • Sandy Wollman President, Small Business Advisory Alliance
  • Shaji Varghese
    Shaji Varghese Partner, MBAF CPAs, Financial Services Tax & Audit
  • Dan Pincus
    Dan Pincus Founder & President, World Golf Network
  • Amir Asadi
    Amir Asadi Mass Mutual - Life Insurance
  • Steve Hertz
    Steve Hertz Director of Sales, Snail Works
  • Steve Mazur Managing Director, PM + CO
  • Tim Frazier
    Tim Frazier Vice President, TriNet Ambrose
  • Tony Grass
    Tony Grass President at e-Market Intelligence
  • Vikram Rajan
    Vikram Rajan Co-Founder,
  • Brooks Clark
    Brooks Clark Attorney Shareholder at Polsinelli, Real Estate Finance Practice
  • Barry Perlman
    Barry Perlman Intellectual Property Attorney at Meister Seelig & Fein
  • Alan Halperin
    Alan Halperin Halperin Consulting, Managing Member, CFO outsourcing and business consulting services
  • Bill Demersky
    Bill Demersky Sales Engineer at Power Performance Industries
  • Craig Bogardus
    Craig Bogardus Kingspan Energy Business Development
  • David Wilkes
    David Wilkes Founding Partner Huff Wilkes Property Tax Management
  • Dan Sebor
    Dan Sebor Account Executive at Computer Integrated Services
  • Raffi Jamgotchian
    Raffi Jamgotchian President CTO Triada Networks IT for Financial Services
  • Chris Dutra
    Chris Dutra Vice President at StratX IT Solutions
  • John Weidner
    John Weidner Founding partner Cornell Global. Organizational Development.
  • Dimitri Zakharov
    Dimitri Zakharov Founder & CEO, Impact Enterprises
  • Andrew Barovick
    Andrew Barovick Partner at Alegria & Barovick
  • Tom Mooney
    Tom Mooney Group Director, Senior Vice President Signature Bank
  • Bruce Swicker
    Bruce Swicker Vice President, Lawyers Program at Frenkel & Company
  • Robert Clark
    Robert Clark Online Marketing & Cloud Expert | Constant Contact Master-Certified
  • Robert Murphy
    Robert Murphy Sales Executive at Atlantic Westchester
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