If you’re a curious and collaborative professional who values kindness, inclusion, optimism, and integrity…
this is your tribe.

Collaberex welcomes diverse experiences and perspectives

so we can learn from each other.

Why should you spend your valuable time in “another business group”?

Because it’s not just “another business group”. Collaberex is unique.  
As a member you can expect to:

Collaborate with other members of your home group twice a month nurturing relationships with peers who are committed to your success.

Develop the core competencies you need to gain a competitive advantage.

Share our collective knowledge and feel good by participating in our mentorship program as a mentor or mentee.

Receive support and accountability from other talented motivated successful professionals.

Engage with our entire community through access to all our groups.

Deepen your knowledge of specific, highly-relevant subjects in our member expert led educational workshops.

Receive support from members to help solve your business problems in a compassionate mastermind setting.

Find amazing people you want to connect with based on their profession, location, group or interests to ask for advice, send introductions and referrals, schedule
1-on-1’s via our Member’s portal.

Fast track your progress and knowledge by coming together to network, find partners, share market intelligence via Affinity groups.

Investigate opportunities for referrals from trusted fellow members via dedicated networking sessions.

Nurture relationships by meeting members in person at social adventures.

Grow as a person exponentially, and further your business / career by enjoying the intimacy of your own group and as well as coming together regularly with all members of the Collaberex Community.

Facilitators Thrive on
Helping You Succeed

Collaberex Master Facilitators are paid, trained professionals who are committed to our mission and dedicated to member success.

They take their roles seriously, connecting to members on a deeper level and consistently working to inspire and support member goals and development.

The topics, media and exercises our facilitators present help members look at or approach things differently and ultimately lead to conversations that spark ideas and build stronger relationships.

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Affinity Groups

Your membership includes joining as many groups as you like. These are for members who have a common characteristic, common target market or common interest. They meet to share and overcome common challenges, for networking referrals and to share interests. Current groups formed are:

  • Members who all target mid-sized businesses
  • Members who all target pre-retirees & high net worth individuals
  • Members who target CEOs and C-Level executives 
  • Solopreneurs
  • Women business owners 
  • Coaches & Consultants
  • Alternative health & wellness