Why Collaberex

Collaberex is not just “another business group“…Collaberex Is unique!
If you’re a curious and collaborative professional who values kindness, inclusion, optimism, and integrity…this is your place to be.
Collaberex welcomes individuals who share diverse experiences and perspectives so that we can learn from each other.
You’re not just joining a group – you’re joining a community, We are your advisory board, focus group, accountability partner, network, professional development group and so much more.

Personal Growth

Discuss topics that strengthen the connection between members such as gratitude, resilience, the science of happiness, the power of vulnerability and other topics.

Professional Development

Explore time management, communication skills, personal SWOT analysis, imposter syndrome, relational mindset and current research and determinants of success.

Business Development

Compare and learn best practices, define value propositions, target audience and messaging and optimize converting prospects to clients.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Defining success by sharing your goals with group members who hold you accountable for achieving them.

Our Approach

Come as your authentic self, share your personal knowledge & experience with other like-minded professionals in virtual meetings facilitated by our professional Master Facilitators.
We encourage human-kindness and personal relationship building to drive our business relationships. Everything about Collaberex is genuinely heart centric.
Trust is built through vulnerability. Membership supports individuals to be better leaders, strategists, sales people, marketers, administrators, connectors and maybe, even better people.

Facilitators Thrive on Helping You Succeed

Collaberex Master Facilitators are paid, trained professionals who are committed to our mission and dedicated to member success.
They take their roles seriously, connecting to members on a deeper level and consistently working to inspire and support member goals and development.
The topics, media and exercises our facilitators present help members look at or approach things differently and ultimately lead to conversations that spark ideas and build stronger relationships.
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