Enhance professional & personal development skills with other talented, motivated and successful professionals committed to each other’s success.

Membership supports individuals to be better leaders, strategists, salespeople, marketers, administrators - and maybe, even better people.

Collaberex Membership Includes:
(You're joining a community , not just a group)

Two Virtual Meetings per month with your home group, 90-minutes via Zoom.

Member Portal. Access to all our members through our directory, schedule 1-on-1s, post on our Forum, use our Resource Library, send a referral.

Monthly Open Networking. Fun, engaging relationship building opportunities.

Educational Interactive Workshops presented by our member experts each month.

In Person Socials outdoor adventures, food tours, sporting events, beach days, BBQs, group luncheons.

Attend All Our Groups. Expand your network, experience other Master Facilitators.

Affinity Groups. Receive targeted advice, networking & market intelligence from members with a shared market, interest, or commonality.

Woman's Group. Explore unique issues women professionals and entrepreneurs face.

Mentorship Program. Be a mentor or mentee to fellow members. Share your expertise or learn from others.

Mastermind Groups. Your own private advisory board to solve common business problems.

Collaberex members learn the skills necessary to gain a competitive advantage.

Professional Development Skills

Explore time management, communication skills, personal SWOT analysis, imposter syndrome, relational mindset and current research and determinants of success.

Business Development Skills

Compare and learn best practices, define value propositions, target audience and messaging and optimize converting prospects to clients.

Personal Growth Skills

Meeting agendas that focus on gratitude, resilience, the science of happiness, the power of vulnerability and other topics that strengthen the connection between members.

Goal Setting and Accountability

Defining success by sharing your SMART goals with group members who hold you accountable for achieving them.

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