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Gretchen Reimheimer

Interior Design

Cindy Penchina

Marketing Agency

Adam Rude

Adam Rude

Certified Financial Planner


Francia Smith

Organizational Development Coach

I’ve been a member of many different networking groups over the past 20+ years but Collaberex has been the most gratifying and beneficial group I’ve joined to date. The meetings address just the right topics to help propel my business forward, and the other members are all supportive, smart and just plain nice! While I wasn’t looking specifically for new business directly as a result of my membership I brought in many new clients. Collaberex is the perfect mix of advisory board, networking and professional growth training! In addition, Jonathan is one of the best “connectors” of people I’ve ever known. He has an uncanny knack for knowing just who would be good for you to know. I can honestly say that the benefit of being a Collaberex member has far outshined what I’ve gotten from all the other groups I’ve joined combined.

Cindy Penchina
President / Founder Hudson Fusion, Full service marketing agency

I was introduced to Jonathan about three years ago as a prospective member of Collaberex. He almost immediately removed my skepticism because Collaberex is a 21st century iteration of networking simply because it’s more than networking. It’s well screened non-competing professionals clustered by target customer which facilitates referrals, enables an exchange of best practices, and encourages peer to peer counseling. All this happens because Jonathan has excellent people skills, because he really works at it, and because he communicates effectively with individuals and with groups. He has a vast and impressive business background; but to me his real gift is including the right people in each group and finding the absolute best members for each of us to meet.

John Cohn
Managing Director, Diamond Capital Advisors, M & A

Jonathan has created a unique networking experience that not only provides the opportunity to network and make meaningful business connections, but you also get personal development through his group activities and deep discussions. Jonathan truly cares about his clients and goes above and beyond to help you get connected with the right people. If you’re tired of the traditional networking experience, this is the group for you!

Taryn Abrahams MFT,SHRM-CP
Founder/CEO Empower Behavioral Services

Candid communication, and mutual support.

Alyse Holstein
HPG Partners, LLC, CEO, Providing successful B2B companies funding connections locally and globally