What you want know
  • A positive impact on the bottom line of your business through meaningful, impactful, personal  relationships with like-minded professionals leading to strategic partnerships, referrals, valuable peer advice and friendships.
  • Improve your professional development skills.
  • Learn and share business best practices.
  • Enhance your personal growth skills.
  • Overcome business challenges that will lead you to greater success.
  • Mentor or be mentored by experienced business professionals.
  • Form accountability partners to push you to achieve your goals.
  • Know that you’re not alone when facing important business decisions.
Between 8-12 members belong to each Collaberex group. We limit the size of the groups so that everyone gets to participate and share their viewpoints throughout each meeting. We believe in forming fewer deeper relationships that lead to more impactful mutual benefits.

We have a group of experienced, paid and trained facilitators who lead each meeting and whose sole purpose is to enhance the value our members receive at each meeting. Master Facilitators

You are requested to attend two Collaberex meetings a month of your assigned group. Group meetings are twice a month and have a duration of 90 minutes. There are other Collaberex groups scheduled throughout the month that you are welcome to attend  if you choose.

Optional Meetings:

  • Open Networking once a month — duration 60 minutes
  • Workshops – presentations by Collaberex members once a month — duration 60 minutes
  • Affinity Groups — purpose driven by topic and open to members; meetings vary by decision of the individual groups
  • LinkedIn Referral Sessions
  • Women’s Group
  • Quantum Manifestors
  • Mastermind / Focus Groups

Collaberex currently has 10 groups; we urge all interested candidates to visit several of our groups and choose which is the one that works best for them. Members are welcome to attend any group at any time…there are no restrictions on attending and meeting all of our members.

When you first express an interest in exploring our community, schedule a Zoom call with Jonathan https://calendly.com/collaberex/30min and based on your conversation he will recommend groups to visit that are best for you.

You are welcome to discuss your issue with one of our facilitators and request some time at an upcoming meeting to have an issue-processing session with your peers. All members understand that meetings are completely confidential so that members feel comfortable sharing details. You can also post your issue on our portal and ask members to contribute their suggestions to help you. Plan a 1-on-1 with a specific member that may have skills and insights that will help you solve your challenge.

We have two membership plans that provide access to our entire community. If you pay monthly our current membership fee is $225.00 USD. If you pay annually our current membership fee is $2000.00 USD. Monthly payments are a recurring monthly commitment. Annual payments are a recurring annual commitment. 

Please see our Membership Benefits page for all the details 

If someone wants to join a group that already has a member in a profession that appears to be a competitor, we give the existing member full, reasonable veto power to prevent the competitor from joining their particular group. In reality, 99% of the time members welcome others even if they may be direct competitors. Our members have an abundance mindset and view others as collaborators vs. competitors.

Elevator pitches are discouraged. We care more about “who you are” as a person vs. what you do for a living and what your features & benefits are. Once we learn “who you are,” will we care about what you do for a living. Our groups are educational, growth oriented and collective thriving environments, not just promotional opportunities.

Yes – we require all members to sign our Guidelines for Participation  prior to activating their membership.

Yes. If you refer someone who joins, you receive a referral credit equal to 20% of their first year annual membership fee. Upon your renewal this credit will be applied to your membership fee.

All our twice monthly group meetings, our affinity groups, our monthly workshops and our monthly open networking events are via Zoom. Throughout the year (mostly in the warmer months) we have in person social adventures and members often arrange 1-on-1 coffees and meals together.


Yes ! Our socials are always fun, interactive events such as: an all day Brooklyn Food Tour, a trip to the US Tennis Open “qualies,” Walk over the Hudson and lunch at CIA, etc.

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