Laura Buckley

Laura Buckley, MS, RD, is a talented and experienced facilitator, consultant, and curriculum designer with a wide variety of experience in private companies, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations. She has extensive experience in leadership development, culture change, and organizational assessments. She has worked with individuals at all levels in organizations and appreciates the unique challenges faced at different levels.

Laura Buckley’s background as an army officer, registered dietitian, and management consultant give her a unique perspective on the intimate connection between our workplace and our wellbeing and what it takes to create cultures where people thrive.

Laura is passionate about helping leaders and team members develop the leadership and interpersonal skills that create the foundation for success in organizations. Since 2012, Laura has been teaching courses on communication, presentation skills, effective meeting facilitation, coaching, accountability, active listening, personality differences, teamwork, building trust on teams, employee retention, giving and receiving feedback, and more.

Laura holds a M.S. in Adult Education from Buffalo State College, a B.S. in Nutrition Management from Rochester Institute of Technology and a post-graduate certificate in Organizational Consulting & Change Leadership from Georgetown University. Laura is a registered dietitian and is certified in facilitation and several personality assessments.

Laura is a published author and the recipient of the 2008 Army Instructor of the Year Award, Officer Category.