Business Development That Works.

Features Business Development Groups Business Development Coaching
Peer-to-peer advisory group
Maximum of 8 people per group
Develop relationships with highly motivated like minded professionals
Get advice from non-competing professionals with compatible networks
Share business development best practices
Proven methodology for targeted referrals at every meeting
We help you define your target customers
We help you refine your messaging
Presentation / pitch coaching
Define your unique expertise
Follow up methodology coaching
LinkedIn profile optimization and strategies
Social media / email marketing advice
Pricing: 1st Two Meetings $35
Pricing: 6 Month Membership $695.00
Pricing: 6 Month Membership – Paid monthly $145.00
Pricing: 12 Month Membership – Paid Annually $1200.00
Pricing: 12 Month Membership – Paid Monthly $125.00
Pricing: 6 months of one-on-one coaching $2,500
Pricing: 12 months of one-on-one coaching $5,000
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