Sample our relationship focused group. No elevator pitches. Just permission to be yourself and share challenges, failures, and success stories to help us all build meaningful, impactful relationships so we help each other achieve our business and personal goals.


Why it Works

Exceptional Achievement through
Peer-to-Peer Collaboration

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Connect with the Right People for You

Target Market Defined Groups 100% of the members understand your challenges and can provide impactful advice and feedback

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Virtual That's Personal, Impactful & Productive

Support, Accountability, and Peer Advice Members are truly committed to each other's success

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We Measure Relationships, Not Referrals

Engaging discussions & breakouts on topics important to you Build transformative relationshsips vs. elevator pitches

Mike McLaughlin, P & C Insurance
"What I found to be beneficial with the Collaberex groups is the groups are segmented by target markets."
Mike McLaughlin
P & C Insurance Broker
"In Collaberex Zoom meetings we are really making personal connections just when you think you couldn't. It's been wonderful. The meetings are always impactful."
Gretchen Reinheimer
Commercial & Residential Interior Design
Gretchen Reimheimer, Interior Design
Francia Smith, Business Workshops
"Bottom line is Collaberex is built around a structure that leads to a more accountable process of managing your business."
Francia Smith
Founder of Game of 3 Workshops
Cindy Penchina, Marketing
Gretchen Reimheimer, Interior Design
Michael Shapot, Residential Real Estate
Francia Smith, Business Workshops
Mike McLaughlin, P & C Insurance
Kristen Leon, Employee Benefits
Adam Rude, Financial Planner
Susan DeRobertis, Outsourced CFO
Samantha Rheel, Personal P & C Insurance
Marie Graham, Home Stager
Judith Ackerman, Matrimonial Attorney
Lynne Roe, Business Coach
Marla Alt, Professional Organizer
Chris Mannino
Francisco Paschoal, Exec. Coach
Chris Lopez, Expense Reduction
David Haas, Financial Planner
Noemi Bitterman, Residential Real Estate
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  • Washington, DC / Baltimore Metro Virtual Groups

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FAQs for Collaberex Virtual Only Groups

Frequency of Meetings

Our meetings meet once a week for 90 minutes per meeting for 50 weeks per year.

Group Descriptions

  • All groups are limited to members who target companies or individuals within a specific metropolitan area.
  • Each group is segmented and open to only those who share a common target market:
    • Business to Business Groups – Only For those who call on:
      • Small businesses – those with annual revenues from $1 – $20 million.
      • Medium sized businesses – those with annual revenues from $20 – $50 million.
      • Larger businesses – those with annual revenues greater than $50 million.
    • Business to Consumer Groups – Only For those who call on: 
      • High Net Worth Individuals
      • Baby Boomers (age 55 – 75)
      • Millennials (age 22 – 40)


Our meeting agendas are designed to accelerate the relationship building process between members through peer advisory discussions customized to the individual needs of each group. Examples of meeting agendas include:

  • Best practices for business development.
  • Empathetic listening – how to communicate better.
  • Accelerating the process of converting a prospect to a client.
  • Increasing brain productivity.
  • Individual goal setting and assignment of accountability partners.
  • The number one determinant of success – do you have it?
  • Personal SWOT analysis.
  • How to get more referrals from existing clients.


  • Your first 30 days of membership are free to allow you to determine if a Collaberex group is right for you and for Collaberex to determine if you are right for our groups.
  • When you join one of our groups, you will get a sense of belonging. We are a culture of group learning and high quality referrals fueled by mutual trust and meaningful, long term relationship building with people who support your goals and aspirations.
  • At Collaberex we believe in kindness, inclusion, optimism, curiosity, empathy, self-awareness, integrity, honesty. People in our groups feel good by making others feel good. We welcome you to sample our groups and see if it feels right to you.
  • After you visit a group or two, please inquire regarding annual membership fees, time commitments and personal commitments to your group and to our community.


Each group is facilitated by a trained Collaberex facilitator who is responsible for making sure you receive the values you expect from your group.

Added Membership Values

  • Join any group and included in your membership you can attend all other Collaberex meetings as long as there isn’t a competing professional who is already a member of that group.
  • Invitation to our monthly workshops (via Zoom).
  • Invitation to our LinkedIn engagement Pod.
  • Invitation to our private Collaberex LinkedIn group.
  • Access to (opt in) membership directory.
  • Access to membership Forum used to communicate with all Collaberex members in all groups.
  • Invitations to our “all member” socials.

Membership Referral Program

  • Invite someone into a group who joins as a member and receive a 20% referral fee (20% of the new member’s first year membership rate) as either a discount off your membership renewal, a discount off your friends / colleagues membership or a split of the referral fee between you and you friend / colleague.
  • Invite 5 people who join and your membership renewal is free.
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