Benjamin Lloyd

Program Director - Creative Corporate Training, Founder bxlloyd Consulting

Benjamin Lloyd (he/him) is the Executive Director of Bright Invention and the Program Director for Creative Corporate Training. He has a BA and an MFA from Yale University, a certificate from Cornell University in Diversity & Inclusion, and years of experience leading trainings and workshops for CCT clients. He is the author of several articles on creativity and community, and two books: The Deception of Surfaces, and The Actor’s Way: A Journey of Self-Discovery in Letters, published by Allworth Press in 2006.
Ben’s work in facilitation uses ground-breaking innovations in the field of applied improvisation. Ben is the creator of “scenario-based” training, which implements performed scenarios designed for the client being served; and “structured improvisation”, which allows for real-time adjustments by facilitators based on client feedback at the workshop.
Ben’s other work includes directing and performing for Bright Invention, a long form improv ensemble, teaching improv to a variety of ages and abilities, and directing Ability In Action, a suite of programs by Bright Invention working with the disability community and other marginalized populations.