Francia Smith

Customer Experience Expert. President, CEYE3

Ms. Francia Morhardt-Smith has over 30 years of experience creating and leading innovative programs in Customer Service and Human Resources. With her appointment as the Vice President of Consumer Affairs and Consumer Advocate of the United States Postal Service she became one of only 12 women in the 250 year history of the Service to be selected as a corporate officer.

Her consulting company, CEYE3, offers two workshops built on her extensive experience leading organizational change programs; one focused on business, the other for individuals. These workshops use the proprietary method called THE GAME OF 3™. In the business arena the workshop THE GAME OF 3™:ALIGNING YOUR ORGANIZATION re-focuses and amplifies organizational energy around the critical FEW elements that MAKE A DIFFERENCE: mission, values, customers and employees. The outcome of this workshop results in more effective allocation of resources, decisions making and clearer communication across the organization.

For individuals, THE GAME OF 3™:A 360 DEGREE VIEW of YOU, enables individuals to create a unique view of their strengths, the flipside of their strengths (their weaknesses) and the behavioral levers that keep it all in balance. It’s a unique tool that can enhance personal success (especially in job interviews) as well as team effectiveness.