Steve Scheier

Leadership Cultivator, Author and Speaker

Steve Scheier is a “leadership cultivator”, author and speaker serving leaders in the cannabis and hemp industries.

Utilizing his Cannabis CoreTM program, Steve works with cannabis and hemp leaders and their teams in virtually every segment of the sector. Steve works with leaders in these businesses to enhance their power, focus their vision, increase their leadership, and improve their decision-making. Steve offers 1×1 leadership coaching, establishes Advisory Boards for cannabis and hemp leaders and soon he’s kicking off his first Cannabis CEO Council.

Steve’s background in politics, marketing, organizational development and educational policy has enabled him to create dynamic teachings that empower leaders and their organizations. From 2011-18 he worked as a consultant in the non-profit sector where he focused on improving organizational decision-making. He is the author of the 2015 book “Do More Good. Better. Using the Power of Decision Clarity to Mobilize the Talent of Your Nonprofit Team”. This book introduces the Decision Clarity concept and describes how non-profit leaders can focus and improve decision-making in their organizations

Before his efforts in the Human Resources field, Steve worked at Apple in numerous marketing and program leadership positions. Steve worked closely with Steve Jobs from 1982-85 and through that experience learned a great deal about how to articulate a vision, strengthen leaders and mobilize teams. Steve was the product introduction manager for the introduction of the now-ubiquitous Macintosh, led Apple’s extraordinary creative services organization, and played a key role in launching many important customer events. He also helped establish and grow Apple’s famed leadership role in K-12 education. Steve was at Apple for nine years and was forever changed by the out-of-the-box thinking and the incredible achievements he witnessed. He saw firsthand how clear and inspiring leadership could bind people together and convince them that they can do the impossible.

Steve is currently on the Leadership Council of the nonprofit, “Rise Up” whose mission is to enable girls, youth, and women to transform their own lives, communities, and countries. Rise Up leaders have advocated for over 100 laws and policies impacting 115 million girls, youth and women across Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the United States.

Steve has a B.A. in Russian History and an M.A. in Education Policy from University of California, Berkeley, plus significant course work in organizational development at the University of San Francisco.