Susana Fonticoba

Founder of Clear Path Strategy

Susana Fonticoba

1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 8:30am (EST) and 1st & 3rd Thursdays at 8:30am (EST)

As a Business Growth Strategist serving entrepreneurs across the country through the magic of Zoom, Susana identifies herself as a fierce advocate for dedicated and talented business owners who bootstrapped their business.

Having built her business from scratch and nurtured growth for almost two decades, she knows firsthand that entrepreneurship is both tremendously rewarding and absolutely terrifying.

Her firm, Clear Path Strategy LLC, takes a holistic approach to business growth. We know it takes more than focusing on sales and marketing for a company to succeed for the long term. We forge a Clear Path to small business success with a Partner, a Plan, and a Process.

Starting her first business in 2004, Susana realized that our survival and success in life depends on standing strong, jumping out of our comfort zone, and taking intentional action through a clear path. Luckily, entrepreneurship was in her blood, as her grandfather owned a successful family business.

Susana’s super powers include being a creative problem solver, a business path navigator, a mastermind facilitator and a seasoned presenter, delivering talks and workshops to small business owners who are ready to build their business and fulfill their dreams.