Workshop – The Power of Market Research

March 14, 2024

12:00 pm / 1:00 pm

Presenter: Dorinda Eldridge

Zoom Link:

Information is power. 

Market research is a tool that can be used to obtain information that is vital to optimizing strategic decision making in business. 

This workshop will discuss what market research is (and isn’t), walk through the anatomy of a market research project, and provide some warning signs of market research going astray. Additionally, you’ll hear some war stories from the field about how market research was used to help steer an organization in the right direction and some stories of how it failed (and why).

Dorinda Eldridge, owner of Spectrum Associates Market Research, is a seasoned market research professional with over 35 years of experience. She serves her clients by being a trusted partner they can turn to when they need information to make the next right move. 

In her spare time Dorinda dabbles with art, hikes in the woods, and provides education about Ovarian Cancer to women and to medical students.