Now when I was young I was a high school and college soccer player.

Recently I was talking to a Scottish friend, she was telling me her kids were into soccer too. More common in Europe. But her son was a big Broncos fan! He has been watching NFL on YouTube. It terrified her how rough it was.

When I was younger we didn’t think that at all. The soccer players didn’t need all those pads. We just ran into each other, we thought we were the tough guys. We thought the guys on the football team were wimps as they had all that gear to wear to protect themselves.

It made me think about the armor we wear particularly in business. It can get so heavy, it’s exhausting.

Here are some of the things we use as armor.

Must be:

⚫️ Professional
⚫️ Perfect
⚫️ Extroverted

So, we spend a lot of energy keeping this mask up.

That’s one of the things I really love about our groups.

It’s an armor free zone!

So instead of it being exhausting and something you must do. You can come along, be yourself, learn and grow your businesses together with us.

❓What “business armor” do you use❓

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