Workshop – Building Rock Solid Habits – Patty Franco

December 17, 2021

3:00 pm / 4:00 pm



Jonathan Rosen


Building Rock Solid Habits – Presented by Patty Franco.

Tuesday March 21st, from 12 noon – 1pm

Get Serious About Achieving Your Goals – Learn to Build New Habits for Success

Do you get excited when you spend the time writing out your goals, only to find yourself off track a month later?

Do you struggle with consistency with the behaviors needed to support your goals?

Do you sometimes give up too quickly when you don’t see results?

If you need help establishing the habits to support and enable your success, learn the science behind habit formation and how to apply it in your own life with executive coach and Collaberex Master Facilitator Patty Franco’s guidance.

Building Rock Solid Habits… So You Can THRIVE.

During this workshop, you will:
Gain an overview of the science behind habit formation (what it really takes to create good habits and break “bad” ones).

Get Patty’s advice and guidance on the most effective strategies to focus on to create habits that will BEST support your goals (….so you don’t have to read all the books on this subject, Patty will summarize it all for you!)

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