Jonathan Rosen, Founding Chairman and CEO of Collaberex, is a tremendous visionary and thought leader in the business development peer advisory consulting business. I highly recommend Jonathan and his peer advisory groups to anyone looking to expand their footprint in the marketplace through relationship building and client centric planning philosophies aimed at consistently exceeding client expectations.

Pete Scalise
Federal Tax Credits & Incentives Practice Leader for the Americas – Prager Metis

Jonathan is awesome! He knows how to connect the right people! I’m a member of Jonathan’s Collaberex group and through those connections I have not only increased my ROI tenfold… I have made trusted, lasting and meaningful friendships. If you are looking for a networking group that is so much more than the typical groups in the marketplace check out Collaberex!

We all work together and are accountable for each other’s success! Thanks Jonathan!

Phil Arenson
Chief Visual Officer at Aronson Hecht Agency

I met Jonathan at a networking group last year and immediately connected with his quick, upbeat and fun personality. After spending a little more time with him, I quickly realized what a genuine and selfless giver he is. Being new to the area, he went out of his way to introduce me to many new people and share resources. I was so impressed with Jonathan, I joined one of his Collaberex groups and it’s been an incredibly positive experience since. Jonathan is right there to offer sound advice and support to all of his members and he always manages to do so in an entertaining and highly engaging way. I’ve met so many great people because of him and I am beginning to reap the many benefits of being part of his vast peer advisory network. I can’t endorse Jonathan highly enough – he’s the consummate giver and I am honored to not only be part of his group but to call him my friend.

Suzanne Kelly
Founder/CEO, Intellisight, Inc. Forensic Referencing for Partnerships, Corporates, and C-Suite Hires

Jonathan has a wonderful gift. Continually, and very naturally, he makes the big noisy business world a little smaller, kinder, quieter and IMO more effective by connecting smart like-minded professionals who’ll support, encourage and yes nudge you to find, and be your best self.

Marie Graham
Founder, Owner – The Refreshed Home Listing Prep and Design Consultancy

I met Jonathan more than 8 years ago when he established his presence as a connector in Network and Peer Supporting groups. Later he founded Collaberex and I since day one became an active member of this organization. Jonathan has an unique and highly effective approach to engage people in a team activity to a point that people are committed to every person of team success. He portrays a great leadership style that glues people together and fosters individuals to exhibit her/his best in collaboration’s.

Francisco Paschoal
Board Member / Mentor / Executive & Business Coach Principal at Spinnaker Coaching & Consulting LLC

At every Collaberex meeting, I’m blown away by the take-aways of our business development discussions. As we get to know each other as people, we also grow our businesses together by exploring topics and exchanging thoughtful insights and experiences. Everyone should experience a Collaberex meeting. It’s truly one of a kind.

Susana Fonticoba
Founder – Clear Path Strategy – Business Strategist, Content Writer and Group Facilitator

I enjoy the stimulating conversations in our bi-weekly meetings.

Art Buckman
Expense Reduction Analysts – Senior Principal Consultant

Great Networking Group.  Always a new mind provoking concept and high energy.

Robert Sullivan
Schooley Mitchell – Strategic Partner

This group has been a lifeline, both before the pandemic and more importantly during. The ability to instantly connect with professionals in all aspects of my practice and beyond with every member an expert in their field has been a lifesaver. Highly recommended.

Judith Ackerman
Counsel at Davidoff Hutcher & Citron LLP

A fantastic opportunity to have your own private Advisory Board where everyone understands the needs of the others and has no other agenda other than to help each other be successful.

Tim Reuf
Ruef and Associates LLC Retained Executive Search