Networking That Works

Collaberex does networking differently. We don’t create groups by industry; our groups are divided by target client base. That way, non-competing group members know the decision-makers you want to meet, and work together to grow each other’s client base.

Group members:

  • Share your goals and target client base
  • Do not compete with your industry
  • Are committed to each other’s growth

Collaborative communities grow by working towards a common goal. By surrounding yourself with others who share your target audience and goals, are committed your success, and are motivated to achieve more – in business and in life – everybody wins.

Mutually Beneficial Connections

Collaberex is a collaborative exchange. You’ll meet the right people: non-competing peers that have the power to influence your success. By focusing on collaborative growth, you get advice and referrals relevant to your ideal clients. You’re surrounded by others who are also motivated to grow their business and learn from like-minded peers.

Business-Changing Advice & Referrals

Collaberex’s goal is to help you build your business. Our model is designed to increase the quality of advice and referrals. Your group members will offer expertise and insights from other industries that share your prospects. There are no restrictions – members conduct business with each other freely to grow each other’s client and skill base.

Life-Changing Relationships

By developing valuable, strategic connections, you get help with business development as well as the opportunity to change your trajectory. By increasing business opportunities and skills, we increase client bases and revenue. Plus, you will also have a community of peers that supports your professional journey.

Collaberex meetings are designed to optimize value

The way our meetings are organized accelerates the relationship-building process, increasing the value you get from attending and participating. Every group has a member limit to ensure that your voice is heard and to give you the opportunity to develop relationships with the right people. Most groups are in discussion format and follow an agenda tailored to member goals; the agenda remains flexible in order to deliver as much value as possible to each individual group. There are no referral requirements, only helpful exercises and initiatives exclusive to the group’s needs. 

View the video to learn more about how it works.


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