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Develop meaningful and impactful personal relationships between business professionals.

Help others master professional and personal growth skills.

Create communities of support to help our members achieve their goals.

Foster group collaboration, inclusion, and kindness as your competitive advantage.

At Collaberex we are Transformational, not transactional.

Relationships Matter

Relationship building is accelerated through group learning on relevant topics that are key to your success:

  • Professional & Personal Growth Skills
  • Relationship Building Skills
  • Business Development Best Practices
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Jonathan Rosen

Founder & Managing Partner

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Our Featured Members This Month

I work with CMOs, Brand and Business Leaders who have set out to make people’s lives better. I help them create stronger connections between their brand and the people whom they want to reach. I develop foundational brand strategy, rooted in emotional insight, and then activate how your brand comes to life through brand positioning, messaging, customer experiences, offerings, and identity.
I help women, empowering and educating them about their finances. As a Certified Financial Planner, Senior Lead Advisor at Francis Financial, I specialize in helping women going through transitions such as divorce, career change, receipt of a large inheritance, and loss of a spouse.

Master Facilitators present stimulating topics

Master Facilitators present stimulating topics with takeaways at each meeting that will have a positive impact on your bottom line and will help form impactful relationships with your fellow members leadingto advisory, referral, strategic, and accountability partners.
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Business Peer Advisory group

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