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Welcome to Collaberex

A one-of-a-kind community where members have genuine conversations, inspire and support one another, and build authentic relationships that fuel personal and business growth…

because we believe success is achieved through collaboration.

Are you longing for a sense of true community?

Looking for a mutually-supportive, thought provoking space where you can simply be yourself?

How We Do It

Master Facilitators present fascinating topics with professional and personal growth content that lead to amazing conversations, inspirations and take-aways at each meeting.

Members show up as their authentic selves and engage in discussions that build relationships that lead to support, collaboration and real results.

Our entire community is your board of advisors, your professional development learning center, your network, your focus group, your accountability partners and so much more.

Relationships Matter

We care more about who you are than what you do, about the quality of relationships and not the number of referrals.
Relationship building is accelerated through group learning on relevant topics that are key to your success:

  • Professional & Personal Growth Skills,
  • Relationship Building Skills and
  • Business Development Best Practices.

Meetings are personal, impactful, engaging, and fun, which allows you to share your challenges, be honest, vulnerable, and authentic.


Find a Sense of Belonging

You are not just joining a group—you’re joining a community where you’ll find a sense of belonging. Regardless of which Collaberex home group you’re in, you can attend other groups and have access to all our members through our Member Portal.

Participate in our monthly workshops, open networking, mentoring programs, masterminds, affinity groups, women’s groups, social action groups, LinkedIn groups and pods, and social events and adventures.

Harnessing the Power of People

We founded Collaberex with a mission to: