Al Cini

Founder Pro-Fit Team Building & BCAT Partners

Al Cini founded NJ-based staffing firm CMC in 1980 and ran it profitably as CEO for more than 30 years. During his tenure, he on-boarded, trained, coached, managed, disciplined, promoted, and transitioned thousands of people into and out of hundreds of roles within scores of departments and projects for a variety of high-profile clients, including: Apple Computer, Inc.; AT&T; DuPont; HBO; HP; Merck & Co.; and NBC Universal. Three-plus decades of practical “people experience,” coupled with an advanced education in Social Psych, triggered Al’s keen interest in the behavioral science of human success, both in individuals and within large and small groups. After selling his staffing company in 2009, he began conducting scores of interviews with business leaders and their employees, collaborating with industrial psychologists and corporate training and change management professionals, and pursuing years of independent research, all leading up to his development of the Team Performance Workout (TPW) program (, an affirming intervention aimed at shifting organizations from merely “being busy” to actually achieving measurable results. Based largely on TPW and related organizational development methods, Al leads the Organizational Performance practice for Lodestar Advisory Partners, a consulting firm that helps companies discover, express, manage, and utilize information and intelligence of all kinds to solve complex business problems, improve business performance and drive growth. He also serves as Facilitator and Program Developer for Onward Education and Training, and is an adjunct faculty member of LaSalle University. Al’s “Corporate Kool-Aid Cookbook” training program, available as a one-hour briefing, a three-hour in-depth training session, or a full-day team-building workout, delivers the main elements of his research in a practical, highly accelerated, and immediately usable form.