Deborah Flood

Deborah Flood is a transformative strategist and consultant to purpose-driven organizations. As a Collaberex Master Facilitator, Deborah brings both deep expertise as a facilitator and lived experience as a longtime business owner and entrepreneur.

Through her consulting firm Purpose Advisors, Deborah attracts organizations and colleagues who share her passion for social change. Her work centers on helping organizations map out strategy–through strategic and business planning–and strengthen leadership and teams. In all her work, Deborah guides organizations in making decisions, setting goals and mapping out plans to achieve them.

As a facilitator, Deborah is known for putting participants at ease, holding the space for honest discussion, encouraging inclusive participation, and allowing conversations to flow while still moving through a concrete agenda.

Earlier in her career, Deborah held senior staff positions at several US and international organizations, including the Open Society Foundations. She has a BA from Oberlin College and a Masters degree from the School of International and Public Affairs at Columbia University.